A Glass of Wine, Cocktail and... Small Plate

 I have kept saying that " we should go out, enjoy eating and drink ! "

You think I'm out of mind when nuke plant is @ risk and after tragic earthquake ?   I will try to explain why I don't really care about radiation etc...later this week.

Well, we are doing fine and let's look at shops and restaurants.

Have you been to Tsukiji ?  It's a shame that I have never been to early morning fish market, but I've been there.  There are many SUSHI restaurants and good places to eat.  How about Roppongi?  Night town, there you will see young foreigners or expats.  Those places are empty right now.  I mean during daytime there are people, but it seems people try to stay home or go home early.

Understandable...after the quake.  For a week or so, I felt it's not nice to those people in Tohoku region.  I should go into mourning... feel sad... pray.... yes, I'm still praying, but think about these people at shops... they are preparing and if there's no customer... At least, we are living here, we have to live.  I'm sure we are all stressed out from the past 10 days... almost 2 weeks now and we feel it's bad thing to say... because of those people.  I think we should get together, feel connected and drop some money @ restaurants to keep it going.

 Last night, I wanted to go out, but I thought with sudden notice, it will be difficult to find somebody, so just went to my regular place... Cafe Zinc in my town.  I had a glass of red wine, this plate ( bit of everything such as cream cheese and smoked salmon, sesame flavored sardine, grissini and ham etc.... ) and then cocktail ( orange juice, cointreau and something... I forgot ! ).  Felt so good to have these and talked to people at ZINC.  It is about time to go back to normal life here.... ( Even if we worry about nuke plant, that doesn't change thing, we just pray !  Encourage people working there ! )

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