Girl Scout Cookies from American Friend

I met this Japanese American friend who lives in Chicago the other day. We had dinner and it was so nice to catch up. I think we hadn't met at least 10 years !

One reason is my fault. I hadn't written Christmas card. Our correspondence stopped.
I still feel bad about it apologized her. I am going to write more this year !

Thanks to internet, through social networking service, I found her and we got connected again.

She gave me this cookies.... her daughter is girl scout member and this is Girl Scouts' Shortbread cookies. Yesterday's breakfast. It was nice.

What I gave her ? I should have taken the photo. It was a bottle of table salt... in white salt, pretty pink particles are mixed.... cherry blossom flavored salt ! I 've never used it, but it looked so pretty and seasonal. Hope she enjoys it ! I should buy one and try.

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