Finally Tried " Cold Stone Creamery " !

Do you have " Cold Stone Creamery " in your city ? They came to Tokyo a while ago... probably several years.
I wanted to try their ice cream, but when they came to Tokyo, their first shop in Roppongi was always with long long line....
I didn't want to wait for over an hour or so for ice cream.

Once in a while, I saw their shops every now and then, but every time, I didn't have time or was on the way to a meeting.

Finally this week, I did eat ! I had lunch @ Lumine Est right above Shinjuku station and there on the same floor.... 8F, I found Cold Stone Creamery ! My order was "Say Cheese ! " which has double strawberry ,cheese cake and chocolate fudge w/ waffle bowl.

Very creamy...it melted in my mouth.... mmmmm, I have to go back there again. It seems now they have 8 shops in Tokyo and also many more throughout Japan.

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