Caring One Another

No big change in my town.  What I can see is that people are trying to show more care for others... talking one another.  Just to ask how you have been and where you were when the quake hit here.

Nice to see these scenes.

I bumped into a woman who lives in the same apartment complex @ Donq, a bakery located in Peacok Store in my town.

We had short talk right after the quake and she said " Where were you?  It was really shaky and I was in my room. "

Then yesterday, I met her again @ the bakery.  " How have you been ?  Isn't is still shaky from aftershock ?  It's really scary. "  I don't know her name yet, but whenever we pass each other, we say hello and since the quake, we started having more conversation.


Anonymous said...

That's wonderful... and after all that's exactly the idea of having this life. To care one another. :)

Yasuko Watanabe said...

In my town, relatively people care about others. This is a hope.

Anonymous said...

That's so great!. My dad told me once that it used to be like that here, a long time ago. And now that I see how you're coping with all this, I cannot help but feel a soothing warm in my heart. I hope we here return to that someday.

Don't ever lose that!! :)