Buckwheat Noodle --- w/ Clam and Scallion

This was experimental combination.
Clam noodle.  It was actually very good.

100 grams of dry buckwheat noodle.
chopped green onion.
150 cc of seasoning soy sauce triple strength
approximately 350 cc of water
handful clams

1. Bring water to boil. ( about 1 litter.  this water is not included in the above.)
2. Add noodle and cook for several minutes. ( follow the instruction )
I'm lazy, so I added frozen clams at this point and cooked them together.
While it's being cooked, prepare green onion.   Prepare 350 cc boiled water in a noodle bowl.  Add seasoning soy sauce for noodle. ( called sobatsuyu, which comes in a plastic bottle. )
3. When noodle is cooked, use tong and take out the noodle and wash in running water. ( the water in the pan is " sobayu "= buckwheat water and good for you, so please drink.  At soba noodle shop, they will give you this in a pot. Only when you eat cold noodle.  You are supposed to add that sobayu into your soup and drink it. )
4. Put the noodle into the bowl.  Add green onion as topping.  If you like, use hotpepper also.

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