Big Earthquake

We had massive earthquake here in Japan today. I am in Tokyo and could still feel strong quake. When I came home, magazines, books were scattered, fridge door was open, cosmetic basket was tumbled over etc... yet, not too bad. I just cleaned them.

It was scary though.... I was in a shop talking in a meeting.... first hit was not so sharp, it felt like " I'm feeling dizzy?".

Then it got bigger.... stepped out to the street and there many people were in shock and just staring swinging electric cables....

All the main trains have cancelled their operations and workers had to walk to get home... some buses are in operation.

mmm. Will write some more tomorrow. Thank god, I am safe and not hurt, but it seems North East region is in immense harm.


Carol said...

So glad you are ok. I've seen some of the tsunami video and it's so awful. Stay safe.

Jan said...

I thought about you today when I heard about the earthquake. Even though I don't know you personally I'm really really glad you are okay. Stay safe and take care.

Yasuko Watanabe said...

thanks for the kind notes. here in tokyo, although several people died from fallen ceiling etc., but basically fine. this is the biggest i've ever had.

the plates deep inside the ocean must be drastically moved. phew.

packed things for evacuation , just in case. i'm fine.

Anonymous said...

oh my god . my mama lives in japan . in tokoya . and i was talking to him on skype .i can see the MOVING ON LIGHT AND FALLING OF CLOTHES . BEST OF LUCK TO ALL JAPANESE . BE SAFE . MY WISHER ARE WITH YU ALL . ACTUALLY I AM A INDIAN . MY NAME IS KHUSHI .