After So Many Years... What would you do !?

I have noticed that women tend to be nervous about their looks when there is re-union event. For re-union, what is typical thing to do ? Going to hair cut, nail salon or aesthetic massage !? While ago, when I attended high school reunion, I could tell that everybody spent time and money on look. I am wondering what I should wear. I mean I do not change my style so drastically....yet, I 'd like to look good. Another thing is if I could recognize everybody. Some people are easy since their faces, hair style or feature show no difference. Some people are difficult .. totally different. Of course, we look much older..... yet, isn't it embarrassing when you can't tell who you are talking to ? mmmmm. I should think some good way to figure out. If you say, " You are so beautiful , I couldn't recognize you. ", you are saying -she was not so beautiful in the past- Or if you say " you look so feminine now " = you were manly in the past = Oh, well. It should be just fun and nice to get together, but if I start thinking like this, it's comedy already.

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