Social Networking Service

This is my MACBOOK. The other day, I wrote about writing letters, cards etc. Yes, I'd like to stress that those WRITING custom will remain and shouldn't be forgotten. On the other hand, I do enjoy internet and social networking service. Especially when I find my old friends or my old friends find me there, I feel if that weren't there, it would have been impossible to be connected again.

We move, change e-mail address, home address etc.etc.

A friend of mine from my San Diego days ( I stayed and studied in San Diego for 5 months in the past. ) found me on SNS service.
I hadn't met him for over 20 or more years. I thought it was great! Then a few days ago, I found my friend in my friend's network and we are now connected. Last time she stayed at my place, but that is more than 3 years ago. No special reason, but sometimes you lose contacts with friends....for these, I am thankful to internet and social networking service.

Hope you are enjoying both digital/ internet world and real world.

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