Short Post Today ---High School Basketball

I am bit behind the schedule, so let me write quickly today. ( If you have noticed, yes, this year, I am trying to write everyday.... or more often. )

Today's theme is sports club @ high school. Did you do any sports during high school ? I played basketball for 5 years... both junior high and senior high. My school was not very strong, but I practiced everyday, ran everyday, it was hard, but it was fun.

Not just basketball, sports itself, I learned a lot there.... team work, team play, what you can do now, what you should do now for the team.. for your teammate.... think what you can do.... although it didn't change me immediately, things the coach, senior people said stayed in my mind forever and after I graduated, there were scenes that reminded me those words.... valuable lessons.

Thanks to Ms. Endo , our head coach, again, she passed away last December.... now in April, we... all of the basketball club members are gathering.

I am still trying to find one teammate who we cannot find the contact in my class..... hope we can find her and she can come join us.

I am sure it sounds "old", " aging", hahaha.. probably we are aging... good old days... we have been living all different lives, but it's surely nice to see each other and look back our young days. ( Oh, I was so young in many ways !!! I am little better now though. my face wrinkles are not so welcomed ,but probably I got some good wrinkles in my brain ! )

I thought about old teammates once in a while, but didn't do any.. sometimes, god creates this kind of opportunity, I am feeling.

Thanks for reading ! Oh, my, it's not short at all.

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