Maniwa in Asagaya --- Reunion after 17 years

I was trying to remember when I saw her last time.... it was definitely in New York....that was when I was working at Airlines as interpreter and she was working as expat in New York... that means at least 17 years ago. OMG !

She is still with same company and I have changed my career and industry since then..... Thanks to new year card.

I have lost contact with some people, but somehow, our communication through new year card continued.... Thanks to that.

Every year, we kept saying , " this year, let's meet !" We didn't meet. This year, I thought, " I do things immediately " and called her and e-mailed her. The first call didn't reach her... it seems I left message at wrong number ( oops ! ), but she got back to me by e-mail and finally, we met last night. It was fun night. There were lots to catch up.... how the business is... how our private lives are... talked about her company ( which I left years ago ) , what she learned at business school.... etc.etc...

She picked this nice small Japanese restaurant. The owner/ chef is beautiful lady... we ordered a course menu, which is good deal and strongly recommended.

This is the entrance of Maniwa. There is no menu, price list displayed, so without knowing it, you would hesitate. Actually, it seems quite popular, so you will need to make a reservation.

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