Happiness to You !

This will be a last post of the wedding in Hawaii. Thanks for reading this. I am so happy for them.
Do you feel the same ? When I was there for my friends and with my friends, happiness came to me also.
I felt so lucky being with them there. Some kind of luck came to me. Back in Tokyo, I still feel happy from that.

Probably happiness is contagious. Hope this happy feeling goes to you, too !


Jan said...

I enjoyed your posts of your friend's wedding :) Thank you for the happy feeling, I think you're right, happiness is contagious! :)

You know what, I'd love to attend a traditional Japanese wedding, it seems very interesting!

Yasuko Watanabe said...

Hi Jan,

Thanks for the comment.

Traditional Japanese Wedding... must be interesting for you. Full of Formalities... I should write about that someday.