Dolls Festival / Hinamatsuri Set @ Tachikawa Station

Last night there was a party. Because of the contract, I cannot disclose the details, but it was nice. Unfortunately, no food pics.

Let me show you this instead. At Tachikawa station, I found this whole set of Hinamatsuri Dolls. Doll Festivals/Girls' Day is held on March 3. Have I written about this already? Well, I don't have time to re-check my past blog, so let me write it.

I used to have smaller version with less dolls ( compact type ) . The meaning is to wish girls' health and happiness and celebrate that day. Usually, I don't know now... probably about 3 weeks before the festival, parents or the daughter start the decoration of the set. If you start early and remove early..... the daughter can find good husband fast. ( I was always slow for both... no wonder ! ..... you are supposed to laugh here, don't hesitate because I cannot see you. )

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