Do You Write ?

This is not about food. What was your new year's resolution this year ? I have several..... one of them is to write three post cards everyday. Well, every year toward Christmas or New Year card season, I tell myself, " OK , I will make data base of people.... not just business, including friends and relatives..( my relatives ties seem to be strong.. 'cause I hear from friends sometimes that they don't get to see each other for very long time.... we get together ... sometimes there are cousins' gathering party. ) .

Then, I cannot complete the DB. There are so many. I don't think I have especially many friends or business networks, but think if you've lived over 30, 40 years.... !!! There are address books and cards here and there... I need to combine them and haven't succeeded ! My problem. I shouldn't say this so loudly, people may think I'm not good at business ! :-)

Well, so to avoid last minute panic, this year I started writing cards. The point is there is no expectation. It's like almost my own meditation or sadhana . If you receive letter or card from me, don't be surprised. ( only if I know you. )

While I enjoy these social media networks, blog, e-mails, I feel "writing " letters, cards custom remain... although I 'm not letter person really , It's always nice to receive cards, letters. There is some time lag from the time you write till it's delivered. It takes time, that's why it's nice. When I write post card, it is not Sales or Expecting anything.. Just to say hello, how are you, thanks for something or even thanks for being there.

I think I try to balance my life between digital life and non-virtual life, trying to fill the gap.


Carol said...

I really enjoyed your post. I work in a card & gift shop and it always makes me happy to know so many people want to give the personal touch of a hand written card. We also sell a lot of stationery sets and note cards too. It surprises me how much of that we sell, really, in this age of computers.
When I first got the computer it was fun to send ecards just because it was new and exciting to have the ability to do that, but it really isn't very personal.

Good for you....and I think I'll start doing something similar...you've inspired me!

Yasuko Watanabe said...


Thank you for your comment ! Really ? I'm glad that I wrote about card writing.

Personal touch.... yes, that's it ! Computer, E-mail is great invention, but at the same time, personal touch...shouldn't be forgotten.

Your comment was encouraging.