Mixture's Delivery to Open Source Cafe !

Mixture's Christmas Lunch for US
It was delicious Christmas Lunch ! by Mixture. ( link is below )

There were breads, sweets also.

After the lunch, we had events....English Cafe & Philosophy Cafe.

Philosophy..... I hadn't seriously studied before this or discussed.

It was learning experience for me.
Thinking is not bad thing..... you don't have to come to conclusion..... Really !?  OK,
it makes me feel good..... more free...... thanks to them !


Christmas of Open Source Cafe

Cafe Side
Library Side
A minute from my place.  At least once a week,  I visit this co-working space.

There are computer engineers, web designers, entrepreneurs, grad school students..... etc.etc.

Good working place, many inspring events, fun people....

I enjoyed Christmas Party of theirs.


Raspberry Sauce..... @ OSS Cafe

Raspberry Sauce
This sauce is little sour with fresh raspberry flavor....makes excellent match with that cheese souffle.

The lady of the cafe ( the owner's wife ) made it for all of us at their Christmas party.

I should interview them for Series Shimokitazawa.

2012's mission !


Cheese Souffle for Chirstmas

Will try to explain about this place and party next time.

This was soooo good.

Thank you for making this !


2011 is almost over.

Was this good year for you ?  It was sad and shocking when I think about the quake and nuke plant accident.  However, at the same time, there were also countless mysterious encounters with people.  Some are old friends who I hadn't met for ages.
Also, I met so many new people who are inspring me.  It feels like god or universe is giving me hints about life. 

There are still lots to do.  Some work and some others.  Toward the end of the year, I will think about 2011 and then start preparing for 2012.  Hope your 2011 was good one and wishing the best for 2012. 


Happy Holidays !

Santa Clause with Music

This is from my aunt.  Happy Holidays !  This santa clause has music sound.  There is a button behind his face and if you press it, it starts playing Christmas Music !  

Very Hot ! My Body Started Sweating !!!

Nezumi Daikon ( Mini Very Hot Daikon Radish) 

Udon, Miso & Grated Mini Radish 
This is very small, mini daikon radish.
Apparently, this is from Shinshu or Nagano Prefecture.

This was given from my friends whose relatives are in Nagano region.

Oh, I was surprised by its pungency.
Very hot.

Both noodle and sauce is cold, so when I learned this recipe, I thought " isn't this too cold for Winter dinner ? "

No!   I started eating this cold dish, my body started sweating.  The reason is this radish.  Very hot.  It was sooooo good.

Thank you, my friends !


Grated Mini Daikon Radish ( called Nezumi: Mouse or Rat : Radish )
Miso ( 1 table spoon )  Stir it into grated radish.

Cook udon noodle following instruction. ( This was thin, so I cooked about 5 min. )
Drain water and wash in running water.   Place in plates.

Enjoy dip it into the sauce. ( Maybe you can use regular radish, which will be sweeter.)


Fish Store.... Shimotakaido & Movie

Fish Store in Shimotakaido 
Have you been to Shimotakaido Cinema ?  It's one minute from Shimotakaido Station ( next to Meidaimae ) on Keio Line.

They have good selections of movies.
I visit this theater when they are showing the ones especially I missed topical movies during first-runs.

Today, I saw this...

Then, walked around the station.  Fish store had mackerel, prawn, squid, sardine etc....

The lady approved my taking picture there, but she was too shy and ran away !
So, here is fish only. :-)


Second House, Shimokitazawa

Berry Cheese Cake 
I rarely buy cake for myself.

Once in a while, though, I feel the urge to eat some.

At Second House, Shimokitazawa, they have irresistible cakes which are shining in the display window.

Yes, this was delicious.



View from " Hokkaido " of Shimokitazawa

Set Menu

High-Rise Buildings of Shibuya, Roppongi 
This restaurant is located on 8th floor of RECIPE building right by the station of Shimokitazawa. ( south exit )

Downstairs are Daiso ( 100 yen shop  5 F ) , Uniqlo ( 2F, 3F and 4F)
and Foodium ( B1 and 1F ).

If you'd like to sing, 6F is Karaoke place and 7F is  eye clinic with contact lens shop.

Hokkaido, Shimokitazawa

This direction shows you the view of Shibuya, Roppongi.  Not clear in this photo, but you can see Tokyo Tower and at far left, you will see Sky Tree Tower.

Salmon & Salmon Roe Rice Bowl

Salmon & Salmon Roe Bowl 
Newly opened restaurant in Shimokitazawa.  

It specializes in Hokkaido dishes and the style is Japanese tavern.

They open for lunch also, so had this bowl the other day.

In the next post, I will show you the view from the place.


Setagaya-Boroichi, they sell plants also

Bonsai at Boroichi

Bonsai stall.

I didn't have much time, but enjoyed sipping amazake and fried chicken and met some friends afterwards.

Setagaya-Boroichi, A Stall from Tohoku Region

Boroichi, Setagaya 2011

The center is Canned Mackerel 
Every December 15, 16 and January 15, 16, they hold this flea-market called Boroichi.  ( meaning rag market )

There are some antique goods, but there are also foods, new products such as plants, knives, sweets, tablewares etc.....

It was nice to see the crowds and active  
people..... then I found this stall selling products from Tohoku region.

Of course !  They had canned mackerels, some sweets and dried bonito flakes.

I bought a pack of bonito flakes.
The package had cover on the top saying " HOPE ".


Christmas Tree in Mamehico Shibuya.

Memehico in Shibuya
Christmassy interior of Mamehico.

One of my favorite cafe in Shibuya.


This is the Mysterious Coffee

Taste ? hmmm
I think this is quite new and can be found at vending machine here.

From my pure curiosity, I tried and.....
...wasn't impressed.

Green tea and coffee.... some say they have already too many products in their line and had to try something anyways......hmmm, why they had to combine these two....


For a Change--- Camel's Birthday and Her Lunch

Lately, this camel has been popular..... she is turning 36 years old on December 18th and with her joint inflammation, it's hard for her to walk.  She still has healthy appetite,so what the caretaker does is to put the food away from her and makes her walk to it.... so that she moves and uses her muscles.

Average life is 25 years old for camel, it is said.  She is great grand-ma !
Her presence is encouraging senior people and she won special performance award from Japan Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

I haven't visited her yet.  Someday.....

This is the zoo.


Soba Noodle in Kokubunji

Kitsune Soba 
Another place occupied by men.
( Actually, there was one lady.)

Not the noodle stand on station's platform, but near the station.

You buy the ticket of the dish you'd like and hand it to the kitchen.

The right white one is grated radish, which is extra 100 yen.


Manly Restaurant !? Would You Go ???

Pork Cutlet Curry and Rice 
Is there men's restaurants in your country ?

Well, not the clubs with beautiful ladies.

I am talking about casual, sometimes standing fast food place.

This is usually occupied by men.

C&C curry shop.  I sometimes go in there , which is usually when I am in a hurry or too tired.  The other day, I needed to run to Shibuya.  Got things done.
Then I realized that I was too hungry to go home and cook.

Stopped by.  Had this curry..... it is delicious.  If this is home, I would make green salad or something with vegetable, but no, when you are tired, this is a feast.


Simple Meal soothes My Stomach

Rice & Soup 
This is not typical Japanese breakfast.
The soup is more like Western.

It has sausage, carrot, komatsuna( similar to spinach) etc..
I made it miso soup.  You don't even have to use "dashi", the Japanese soup stock.  Instead of Japanese soup, you can use regular soup cubes.

Then add miso when the ingredients are ready... little by little till miso is fully dissolved.

The left is rice.  The topping is something new I found at store.  Bottled seasoned minced chicken.  It already tastes good, so I just added grated ginger.

We are in holiday season already.  You often go to parties, gathering and drink, eat A LOT !  This kind of simple meal is soothing and helps stomach stay healthy. ( for me.)


Hot Soupy Food in Winter Morning

Soba Noodle for Breakfast
During summer time, I wouldn't have this for breakfast.

Found naruto ( this flower like fish sausage) in the fridge.

Cooked soba quickly and added sliced naruto, green onion.

Also, in the cup, saved healthy soba water.  Supposed to be good for you with its rutin.

Cook the soba noodle following the direction.
While cooking soba, prepare hot water and make the soup from bottled soba-tsuyu.( usually sold in a bottle ).
Chop the onion and slice the fish sausage.

When soba is ready, don't dump the hot water that soba was in.  Save it for drinking later.  Put the soba noodle in the bowl which has soup.  Put the toppings.


Series Shimokitazawa X---VII ROKKOYO Direction

How to get to ROKKOYO is on this map, yet this is written in Japanese.
Let me explain.

Exit from West Exit of Shimokitazawa station, which is on the tip of Inokashira Line's platform.  Take right and go upstairs.  Go straight to the right and you will see 7/11 on your left.  Rokkoyo will be on your right in 3 min.  It's half basement.

Kitazawa 2-28-6, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo


5pm - 0am

At the moment, there is no English menu, but we are discussing to create one.
( I 'll help ! )  They don't speak English, but.....if you like Japanese sake and food, you'll enjoy.  You'll enjoy the place and their caring service.


Series Shimokitazawa X---VI ROKKOYO - Illustration

Illustration of Miya-chan is adding warm ambience....

The menu also has various illustration instead of photo.

The bottom is another drawing hung on the wall.

As seen in the drawing, I would recommend sake to drink with their food.... or shochu.


Series Shimokitazawa X---V ROKKOYO 5th Anniversary

The left is KUMADE.

At some shrines, you can buy this Rake, supposed to be a collector of money ( because of the figure ) , meaning bringing good luck and fortune to the shop.

Commercial businesses, shops often have these.

The lower dish is pickled fish... sort of herring and this marriage with gari ( ginger.... the one you eat at Sushi place ) and shiso ( Japanese basil ) .
Mamakari, Ginger & Japanese Basil


Series Shimokitazawa X ---IV ROKKOYO , Japanese Restaurant


This is typical in Shimokitazawa shops or the places I introduce at.

People of the shops are so nice.  Warm.

Cheers to Rokkoyo.

Series Shimokitazawa X ---III ROKKOYO , Japanese Restaurant

Prawn & Daikon Radish 
 Their food is not delicious seasonal dishes.... they are also healthy.

Various fish menus with vegetables.

If you live on Odakyu Line area or Inokashira Line area, you must come and try them once.

Deep Fried Horse Mackerel in Sweet & Peppery Vegetable Sauce


Series Shimokitazawa X ---II ROKKOYO , Japanese Restaurant

Salted Gingko Nuts

Illustration by Miya-chan
This was before the party.

Their specialty is seasonal foods.

Flavorful gingko nuts..... I keep throwing into my mouth and can't stop eating.

The wife, Miya-chan serves food and sake.  ( they have various good Japanese sake , shochu, beer etc... )

The husband, Kazu-san cooks in the kitchen.

If you click here and scroll down.... you'll see them.


Series Shimokitazawa X ---ROKKOYO , Japanese Restaurant

Rice Balls
I hadn't done this series since summer.

This restaurant is using nice tableware.  

A couple is running this place.  Yesterday was their 5th anniversary since they opened the shop.

Cozy, half-basement place is relaxing and good for both casual friends gathering and/or light business talk.


Christmas Decoration

Christmas Tree @ Cafe ZINC

Cyclamen@ Hanahiro, Shimokitazawa
Holiday Season has already started.

Christmas trees are everywhere, red and white decoration can be seen at stores..... Christmas sweets are sold at shops....

This is already December.


Wrapping Up Wedding ---- Dessert

You are already tired of looking at wedding food ?  Thank you for checking my blog today.

Yes, it went on and each plate was so nicely decorated and tasty.  I wanted to share these with you.

The friend, the bride made speech at the end thanking to both parents, gloom's and her parents.

It was such a nice speech...... tears came out...Her choice of career or how to live was little different from others or didn't follow the parents' expectations.  She struggled though to find her own way and here she is.....

A Slice from Wedding Cake 


Wedding --- Several More Dishes

Veal Dish
This came after a champagne sorbetto.

Una fonte con vitello e saute del gras di foie, salsa Porcini.

Cooked veal with Porcini sauce.

This hotel should be nice hotel... but I felt they are trying even harder.... the reason ? 

Because the bride is working @ wedding business website/ service company.   Maybe that is why ?  I was guessing.
It means the meals were so gorgeous and so delicious unusually. 

Thanks to the couple and their parents again.  


Wedding --- The Ambassador of Hachijojima Island

Seafood Plate
Un'anguilla marittima e la grirlia di vegetali, truffe ed un strombo assentono

If you are Italian, shouldn't be a problem.  The above is probably... conger and vegetable grill with truffle and whelk.

This shell fish was chewy and yet I loved that texture.  The conger was also delicious !

As to the reception, I was impressed with the couple's harmony, their happy, proud attitudes and sharing their happiness with us.  We were all very happy.  Then, adding to that....... the father of the gloom made wonderful, funniest speech !

We laughed and laughed.... he is the great ambassador of Hachijojima.

The gloom is from that island and the father goes....
" If you come to the island, there, sitting at that table is the owner of the bed and breakfast, we can introduce you to them, then, if you'd like to buy some land there,
Mr. XXX is also here today, then if you need to build a house, there is...."

It was sooooo funny.  I 've never visited that island, so when I travel there, I will definitely ask him for more information and introducing me to his contacts.


Wedding Course Meal Continues....@ Daiichi Hotel Tokyo

2nd Dish

This tomato dish was great also.
Let me check the menu....

I prodotti di pesca marinano ed il coupe del pomodoro.

The next is Minestrone con Parmigiano.

Very Italian !
3rd Dish


Friend's Wedding @ Daiichi Hotel Tokyo

Table Setting

When they invited me, it was unusual..... the invitation card had RSVP card and said " please select your preference. "  ???

There were three options..... Japanese, French or Italian with the whole course description.

It took time for me to come to the final decision !
I chose Italian.

As shown here, the first plate ( appetizer ) was Italian Ham and Olive.
First Plate


Lovely Bride. Splendid Wedding.

Let me show you photos tomorrow.  I attended friend's wedding today.
Happy couple made us happy.  The reception was also soooo entertaining.


Friend from Silicon Valley --- @ Nicolai Bergmann Cafe

Carrot Cake

Nicolai Bergmann Flower Shop
Glad that I went back to that cafe again.
Nicolai Bergmann.... the Florist in Omotesando.

My friend was visiting Tokyo and I wanted to take her to a somewhere nice....

Last time I met her was probably 9 years ago in San Francisco.

Time flies.  We tried to catch up, but wish we had more time.

One thing I learned from her ( Silicon Valley resident ! ) was Pomodoro Technique.

Did you know that ?  I didn't know that so, googled and found it immediately.

Downloaded the application.

It's about time management and the tool.  You can use your timer on your phone or kitchen timer.  I wanted to use it on PC, so purchased the application.  Set 25 min. and take 5 min. break and then set 25 min. again.  During the 25 min. you just focus on the thing you are working on.

Nowadays, there are so much information and SNS and others which interfere with your work.  ( Is it just me ? )  So, it helps.

Started using it.  Let's see how it helps.


Right, My Friend's Reminder.

A friend of mine was sharing nice quote. 

When you think everything is someone else's fault, you will suffer a lot.  When you realize that everything springs only from yourself, you will learn both peace and joy.  Pride leads to violence and evil.  The truly good gaze upon everything with love and understanding.  - His Holiness the Dalai Lama- 

mmm. deep.  Logically, I always feel I know it, but emotionally, when I feel things were caused although I acted right, I would tend to criticize other people.  

Monday Dinner .....Did I Study @ 37 !?

Grilled Fish with Daikon Radish ( Grated )

Vegetables in Thick Soup
The Course menu @ Kisaku continues as shown on the left.

It was healthy, beautiful, delicious meal.

Let me tell you this story tonight.
Not related to this food.....

Somebody remembered me... some girl... younger than I.  She decided to re-start her life and got divorced.

When she was thinking about her 2nd stage of her life, what pushed her was the memory of the conversation .... with me, which sounds great, but it seems the background of myself in her memo is different from myself.

This is complicated, but I thought " people's memory swell...."

In her memory, I went to foreign country @ the age of 37 and came back to Japan and started new career, which is different.  My business is little different.   I went to the states when I was in 20s for several months, that's all.  I studied English mostly in Japan.

This story came from our mutual acquaintance and I was stunned because the detail of my story was quite different.

I am still wondering why she got that notion, but it happens.  Yes, I got little confused..... I have to admit though that I was surprised and touched that she was saying that she was pushed by my words, which I do not remember really.  Apparently, I told her " Make it happen. "  or "  If you try, you can make it. " hmmmm.  I should keep saying it to myself !  (
Rice in Soup ( Ochazuke )