Cafe Mamehico in Shibuya

It is close to other stations also such as Shinsen ( since this is almost in Shoto area behind Tokyu Department Store ) - Inokashira Line or Yoyogi Koen ( Park ) -Chiyoda Line .

They have these salt & pepper containers, olive oil and balsamic vinegar on your table.

mmm, will show you the lunch.... tomorrow !

Cafe Mamehico in Shibuya

It seems like their main shop is in Sangenjaya.
I have to check that one also.

As you can see in my pics, the decor is not typical Japanese, yet not exactly European or American , but has sort of bit of everything...... relaxing.

Wooden furniture are creating homey ambiance.
Very hard to find actually.

Go to Tokyu Department Store ( main store ) first.
Take the right street from there. Within a minute or two, you will see 7/11 ( you know, the convenience store, seven-eleven ) on your right. Go inside the store and on your left, you will find a door and there is staircase. Take that and go downstairs ( it's not exactly basement. If you come from the next street, that is the 1st floor . So, from this cafe, it looks like 7/11 is located on 2nd floor... )
Anyways, I will write about the food I had there and more about what impressed me.

mmm So Many Pic I'd Like to Show YOU !

I just realized that I haven't uploaded or written about my cousin's home cooking yet!
That ... I will not forget..

So, let me show you this Cafe for today.

I actually fell in love with this place. Very cozy, if I had time, I could have stayed for hours and read book there.


Same Design in Your Region ? --- Starbucks

I was wondering if all the Starbucks have this same design.

I bought this today in Shimokitazawa. ( Ginger Bread Latte )

Which is your favorite @ Starbucks ?

( I will ask for Tully's and others also later ! )

Natto ( Fermented Beans ) Specialized Shop

With vending machine ( of course, this has all sorts of natto, from natto donuts to edamame natto ! ) set in front, Sendai-Ya, specialized in natto opened this past Saturday.

They have various kinds of natto including natto donuts.

We do eat natto here in Japan, still a shop " specialized in natto " is very rare.

Theirs are bit expensive.... still, they are about 200 yen average. ( I bought edamame natto which was... I thinks 180 yen for 3 packs and 230 yen for regular natto which has 4 packs.)

Healthy natto is known for its effect as blood clot buster.

Unfortunately, there is no eating space.

Are you interested ? OK, take either Inokashira line or Odakyu line to Shimokitazawa.
Get off and come to the west exit. Take a right at exit and go up the stairs. Keep on going.

This shop will be on your right in 30 sec.


Sake from Miyagi Prefecture.....

These are tasting set, separately ordered.

Miyagi prefecture is known for its rice.... therefore, they make great sake.

Kurikomayama, Uragasumi and Manazuru.

They were all so good !

Dinner / Matsushima Continues....

I will try to add and edit the explanation about these foods later.

For now, please enjoy the looks !


Akasaka Sakas --- Near TBS

Christmassy Illumination !

Just wanted to show you some pics of Christmassy ones.... before Christmas.

Mona Records in Shiokitazawa

They have healthy, reasonable dishes.
I had Taco Rice today for lunch. 700 yen including Jasmin Tea and mini salad.

Dinner at the Hotel --- Matsushima Trip

Of course, food is another entertainment on the trip. Ah, I have to look for the menu sheet, which I kept in the notebook.

Just a moment, please. There were several more plates..... and Sake !

Entsuin Temple --- Night Illumination

The illumination was thought the end of November, so you have to check the schedule, if you'd like to enjoy this.

Strongly recommended though.
Magical, riveting view....

You can also enjoy music here..... deep inside the garden, there was a monk who was playing a Japanese flute and the hanging lights were responding to the sound.... that was created by some polytechnic university.

Entsuin Temple --- Garden

Enjoy this view. I will show you the same temple which shows different beauty at night.

The hotel had shuttle bus which leaves the hotel at 8 p.m. and picks us up at 8:45 p.m. back to the hotel. Nice service.

Zuiganji Temple / Caves Where Monks Trained Themselves

To explain about the temple, I need more time to write. Let me just show you the photo for now.

These caves are very old and it was for the monks before this current temple was constructed.

They lived in here and kept training with minimum items for everyday life.