Came back from Funeral Wake

These are from Mr. T of my apartment. He lives on the same floor and was in the hospital for over a month.

Glad that he got better and came back.

Was going to write more, but I went to a funeral wake tonight. Have to work on something, so will write more during this weekend.

Have a good weekend !


Some Pics and Updates Tomorrow

Well, it has been busy again ( a bit ). Will try to upload some pics , I 'm hoping.

2 more weeks, then it'll be 2011 ! Are you ready !?


Koto Ward's Tiara Koto

Here, I enjoyed classic concert this afternoon.
Music selections were Mozart, Schubert, Beethoven, Johann Strauss.

Nice hall. Also, it has great acoustics.

Dinner --- Berry Berry Croissant

My dinner tonight was quick... this croissant, chicken cutlet I picked at meat shop and potato salad.

This croissant is from " DONQ" in peacock, Shimokitazawa. Sweet cream, blueberry, raspberry... yum !

I was invited to a classic concert today ( lucky me ! ) and now I have to work on something.... so don't have much time. Will show you the hall pic also. For other travel pics, event pics, food pics..... Be patient , please !
( After having indulge myself in classic music, now I am listening Mark Ronson... weekend's " high-life " ! )