Dinosaur's Egg !?

The same friend gave me this egg !
When I opened the plastic bag, there were five eggs like this.

I think this egg was boiled in tea leaves, cinnamon,
clove and other spices.

Flavorful and tasty. I had never tasted this kind before. New experience.

Boiled Chestnuts !

Eating seasonal food is healthy....

A friend who lives in same building gave me these.

Simply boiled... tasty and I can feel natural power from earth, trees and season.... blessing from nature.

Ginza--- Mikimoto's Display

Let me show you some Christmas display in Ginza.

These are Mikimoto's ( the famous pearl shop ).

Asian African Language Institute /Library

My friend Hira-chan advised me that there was this seminar by Asia/Africa language specialist and professor Nishie's seminar held @ Asian African Library. It was interesting and educational.

His knowledge about language along with history, geography and ethnic group is wide and deep.

Learned a lot. Today's focus was mainly Pacific region and pidgin , creole language. It sounds/looks like English, yet the spelling and grammar is different.

In Japan, English is becoming mandatory @ elementary school. I agree with him. In Japan, elementary school teachers are not able to speak English. I wonder how they can teach English....
Also, he says there might be discrimination against non-English speakers... like if you cannot speak English, you might be looked down..., which I feel wrong. It is an advantage to speak English.... I feel it is great that I am able to speak English, but it doesn't mean I am superior than other people.... there are many people who are intelligent , yet do not speak English.

Professor Nishie's foresight is truly deep and I respect that.


Japanese Nabe --- Prevention of Flu , Cold...

It's such a simple and easy nabe. ( its' small , so you could call it ko-nabe. )

Simply, pour 2 cups of water, dashi powder into this nabe ( wok ) , then add tofu ( break it into small pieces with fingers. ) , bean sprouts.

The sauce is soy sauce, lemon juice or yuzupon, chili pepper ( shichimi ).

Christmas Trees in Tokyo

I always feel it's bit too early in Tokyo. Thanks Giving is coming up, so why don't you wait till you finish eating Turkey and Cranberry Sauce !!?

No, we don't have Thanks Giving Holidays here, so probably this is all right.... many shops already have decorated Christmas Trees......

This is the house my friend created for this charity event.... she has made this many times... takes time... look at this roof... jelly beans.

My friend, Tania is half German, half Japanese, so for her, this is more of German memory... introducing for Japanese people.

This always reminds me of Hansel & Gretel.
Where is the scary witch ! ?

These accessory was also beautiful... I couldn't make up my mind right away, but maybe in the future... the lady who made this gave me her card.... so that I can contact her.

Charity Raffle in Omotesando --- Christmas Items.

I couldn't stay that long, but visited this place " Galeria M" in Omotesando.

My friend was selling some items to help Hands on Tokyo ( Volunteer Group) with other creators.

Since my friend is a food specialist, there were cookies, jams ( sold out ) etc.....

Other people were presenting beautiful bags made of kimono or East meets West style, semi-precious stone- earrings, glove holders.....
It's like tiny - art museum.... drop 500 yen, please for raffle and write your name on the back of the colorful sheet of paper , that money will be sent to the group.

If you are interested, tomorrow is final day.

Galeria M --- The closest exit is A1 of Omotesando Station. Take a first left and go on.
At the Crayon House ( one of my favorite shops --- their basement is organic restaurant, 1F has nice kids books, 3F has well selected books for women.) , take a right. You will see orange-beige buildings and the Galeria M is located on the basement. ( half basement !? )

Toward the end of the year, it gets cold and there are people who need help..... this kind of raffle is nice idea !