Oyster Night @ Jack Pot --- Continued

I love eating seasonal food.... oyster is one thing.
I fully enjoyed this Oyster Night and cannot wait to go back this place. ( or any oyster bar )

This was " amuse " or appetizer served by the restaurant. Smoked oyster.

Flavorful oyster made us sooo happy... we were bit tired from walking in the cold rain.

Oyster Night @ Jack Pot

You can see condiments/seasoning here.
Bowmore is whisky ( single malt ! for oyster ),
Chili Sauce, Tomato Sauce, Horse Radish ( This actually worked well ! ), Wine Vinegar, Ponzu.

Again, the bottom is our favorite Konbumori ( direct translation is Kelp Forest, but I guess this is the name of the location or the oyster.)

Oyster Season --- Jack Pot in Shimokitazawa

Oyster Bar " Jack Pot". I wanted to try this place for a while. Last week , I tried this place eventually.

They had more than 10 types of oysters. We ordered this plate which has 3 types. Konbumori , Ishinomaki and Matoya. Far left is Konbumori/ Hokkaido Oyster.... huge, creamy one. It was delicious ! You can add spices/ condiments, which I will show you later.

Oh, I have to add, if you print out the coupon on rainy day ( from Gurunavi ), 1000 yen discount on a bottle of wine, so be sure to bring it with you.

Sunday Morning's Sweet Breakfast

Sweet Breakfast could be breakfast on honeymoon... not this case :-)

This is literally sweet. You can see green tea... no need to explain. Then, sour , salty pickled plum on the left top.... it is supposed to be very good for you, then this bottom one. Boiled rice cake and sweet azuki bean. ( stewed red bean ).

Once in a while, pancakes, oatmeals or this.... I need to eat sweet breakfast.

Bouldering --- @ Gravity Shimokitazawa

I don't think I am going to climb Everest. I enjoy this " bouldering " as handy sports. The gym is located near my place and it's so easy to start. You just need to become a member and the membership fee is 1500 yen. For 2.5 hours ( before 7 p.m. ) 1500 yen and after 7p.m. 1200 yen. Then, you can use their rental shoes, which is 300 yen.

I used to be a member @ sports/ fitness gym, but I couldn't enjoy machines. Also, it was always a pain to carry the whole set of gym stuff such as shoes, bath towel, make ups, t-shirt, pants....

This place is so close, so I can wear something casual and walk over. no need to make a reservation. Easy to start and there are more than 10 levels.... you just choose your level color and follow the sign. Yes, you have to plan how to climb the wall in advance.

It is good EXERCISE. I was sweating and had to rest after 1 trial. Just need to be careful when I jump off the top of the wall. I am looking forward to my next " bouldering".