Bouldering !

I tried " bouldering " about 2 weeks ago.

You climb this wall using these colorful rocks.

Will write about it later. It's fun and good exercise.


Egg from Toyonchi no Tamago !

There are 3 levels @ Toyonchi no Tamago.
This Ohran ( 王卵)is the best and their recommendation. You can see this orange egg yolk.

I had this with fried minced meat / chopped burdock. ( coarsely chop washed burdock.
Cook chopped ginger, meat and burdock in heated olive oil/ pan. Add pinch of salt, 1 tea spoon of soy sauce and sugar. Maybe you can use Mentsuyu ( soba noodle soup) or add mirin . )

Custard Pudding from Toyonchi no Tamago

I know they opened the shop on 1st Ave, but I had never tried them... thought " Someday...."

Then my friend gave this pudding to me. This was delicious ! The egg is different.... thick, creamy... Also, it comes in cute egg shaped container.

Toyonchi no Tamago / Ohran ( King Egg !? )

I like their design. This says " Toyonchi no Tamago " meaning " Toyo's Egg" or " Toyo Family 's Eggs ".

The package contains 4 eggs. ( There are larger package also). For this 160 yen. bit expensive compared to regular ones which you can find at supermarket, yet it was worthwhile.

Their egg yolk is reddish yellow almost orange and tastes different.

The shop is located on Ichiban Gai ( 1 st Avenue in Shimokitazawa ) . Look for this red roof !

They have sweets also, but there is no eating space in here.

Sweet Potato/ Tofu / Cheese Soup for Breakfast

Thanks for coming back! It's been over a month.
Things have been hectic and apology for no-update.

Although, I hadn't updated, of course, I have been eating ( usually ) 3 times a day or sometimes 5, 6 times a day !! ( When I am busy, I need more energy and tend to eat much.)

This soup was thick and good. I bought Brown's Blender this spring and it has been quite helpful.
Using that, tried this.

half onion ( sliced ) , 1 sweet potato( sliced) , 1 small tofu ( if it is big one, cut in half ) , 1/2 cup of pizza cheese ( or any melting cheese ) , 1 cup of water, soup , soup stock ( powder about 1 tea spoon) , 2 teaspoonful butter

1. Start cooking sliced onion in heated butter / pan.
2. When onion is cooked enough ( when the color changed) , add sliced sweet potato and cook.
3. When the potato is cooked enough ( use toothpick or something and check and see if the stick goes in) , add soup stock and water , then tofu (mash it into the soup) and cheese.
4. Cook 3 for 15 to 20 min. and if they are well cooked and mixed, remove from the heat and let it cool for 5 min. or so.
5. Use blender and make the soup in the pan.

Thick, healthy soup is ready ! Add little salt if you need it. ( Cheese and soup stock already has some salt, so taste it first ! ) Enjoy !