Can't Finish This...

Am still struggling to organize docs to be submitted to my accountant. Till finish this, I can't write. mmm, sorry again.


One Coffee Shop in My Town

I shouldn't mention the name of the shop. I had one cafe latte this morning. This shop has been introduced in magazines and TVs... which I don't care. The coffee tasted great, but the customer service wise, they are not good. No smile. I asked " do you have anything to eat ? " They didn't have much, except one ... sort of stick type bread, which is fine. The point is the attitude of the clerk. " We don' t have any except this ". The comment itself is fine.

It's really unfortunate, if the lady said with smile or sincere attitude, my impression could be have been different.

I learned there. The customer service is the attitude. It is OK not to have things I wanted.
It is the attitude which makes the difference.

I will never come back to this place. Probably when I miss their coffee, I might go back once or twice, but other than that, I would feel uncomfortable there.

They are probably too confident about their coffee. Let's see how they will do.

After that, I stopped by bakery where the service is friendly and sincere. I still had coffee from that shop in my hand. I bought a melon flavored bread. They asked me if I wanted to have that in the cafe area. I asked " I still have this coffee, so shouldn't be here, could I ? " The shop owner said, " mmm, you have to take it out. " That was totally fine with me. He was kind and said it very friendly. It showed his policy of the shop with warm attitude.

I smiled and left the shop and ate the bread at home with the cafe latte.
This shop, I will always come back !

Am I too strict ? I would love to hear your comments. Isn't it scary ? Just one interaction with a customer loses a customer. I should learn from this.

Tomorrow !

Am still tied up with things. Will write more tomorrow. Sorry for long silence.

Lately, I haven't cooked at home.... after cleaning up my place, I will cook more.

Today, my real estate agent gave me two goya....bitter melon. Will cook it tomorrow with sliced pork and carrot. The end of season for this summer vegetable.