Dadacha Mame ( Upscale Edamame) from Yamagata Prefecture

Most of you probably have tried edamame. Edamame is now English !

Have you tried Dadacha Mame also ?

Dadacha mame is a kind of edamame whose origin is Yamagata prefecture.... it is edamame, but its flavor is wonderful ! How can I describe it... rich and fragrant.

mmm, you have to try it. If you can't find it in your area, well, you must come to Japan !

Don't forget to sprinkle some salt when you eat edamame.

If You have deep fried tofu .... This is one way to eat.

The other day, I found this deep fried tofu in fridge.

There are many ways to eat it, but wanted to try something unusual. ( Usually, I eat it with grated ginger & soy sauce.)

I cooked it in the heated pan without using oil. ( the surface is coated with oil already ) Cook till the surface turns slightly brown.

If it is too big, you can cut into small bite size.

Sprinkled some green onion and put wasabi on top of each. Taste it with soy sauce. Yum ! Good for beer or sake.

HIyashi Zenzai --- Cold Dessert with Red Beans

Cold sweet dessert... I bought on the way home.
Zenzai.... is usually hot, but in Summer, this chilled dessert will sooth you.

After eating spicy Jah-Jah-Men ( in Japanese, the pronunciation is like that.) , it soothed my mouth.

I often hear that foreigners don't like sweet red bean jam, but I like it. Red beans is good for you.

Red bean has diuretic effect, so if you tend to have swelling, it helps to reduce it.
Also, red bean has protein, vitamin B1 , iron..... good to have in this exhausting weather.

Its season is Winter, but as you know dried beans are in the store throughout a year, so you can always find this kind of dessert or canned beans.

Jah-Jah-Men !? Zah-Jiang-Mian !? Chinese Cold Noodle !?

It seems Zah Jiang Mian is originally from China. Then it was arranged in each country or region.

In Japan, Morioka ( the capital city of Iwate prefecture ) is known for it. In Morioka, they use think white noodle ( udon ). They use freshly grated garlic as condiments (if you don't have any date, fine go ahead ! )

This one was pre-packaged and the noodle was regular yellow ( ramen noodle).

Boil the water and cook the noodle for 2 min. and then wash it with cold water. The sauce is also in the package, so pour the sauce. ( It has sweet and spicy miso, ground pork meat and spices... yummy sauce ! ). Add thinly sliced cucumber and edamame ( or any veggie you like, but cucumber works good ! ) . I added spicy oil. Next time , I should try to cook this special miso ! I wanna try Morioka version someday.

There should be a history since Morioka has other arranged noodles such as Reimen ( originally from Korea) and Wanko soba noodle.

If You couldn't finish sashimi .... You can cook it !

Sorry, probably , it's lighting. The color didn't come out well.

This is today's dinner. I cooked Kushinsai ( actually I don't know English name... in Chinese cooking, you see this often. The inside of the stem is empty. ) with minced garlic and a pinch of salt.

Then this meat like thing is bonito which I couldn't finish eating last night. For sashimi, it was too late to eat, but I decided to cook it. Pour some butter( I used 2 tea spoons) into the pan and add finely chopped garlic into it. When the garlic started smelling, add bonito ( or any ) sashimi left over. Cook well and then add some soy sauce. Smells good ! When the butter soy sauce starts babbling , it 's done. You don't have to give up the sashimi and use it . Just make sure to sniff it and the fish is not spoiled. ( It maybe look old, but usually if it is next day, you can still eat it, if it was sitting in the fridge. )

Last night, I had this edamame, red bellpepper and Japanese radish salad.

Cut the radish, cook edamame in boiled water for 2, 3 min. and wash with cold water and shell.

Cut red bell pepper and mix all together. Use any dressing. I added grated ginger, vinegar and a bit of soy sauce.

Then, this is Katsuo --- Bonito sashimi.
At Ozeki, one of the local supermarket, it was good price. Ate it with grated ginger and soy sauce. Somehow for bonito, we usually use ginger , not wasabi. In Kochi prefecture, they use sliced fresh garlic. I like both ways.

I guess bonito has some fishy smell and ginger works better than wasabi.

Japanese Apple Pear in Season

Japanese apple pear started showing their faces at supermarkets.

Really juicy, sweet. Not much nutrition, but its textured meat is good to clean up your intestines.

If you've never tried it, worthwhile to try once.