Hiyajiru --- My Style --- When It is Hot and Humid...

Hiyajiru is originally from Miyazaki prefecture, it seems. However, there are other regions such as Saitama or Yamagata which has similar one.

For this, I didn't use miso, but usually, you would use miso. I simply put powdered dried sardine and pour cold water, dissolved it.

Added sliced cucumber and myoga ( sort of ginger ) and grated regular ginger on the top. The bottom is cold white rice. ( I microwaved the rice and then when added soup, put several ice cubes. )
Soothing texture is perfect for Summer morning.

Squid Sashimi Lunch Set

The other day, I had this lunch set. Squid is also Summer food. There are several kinds of squid, so in Spring and Fall / Winter, you can enjoy other types.

My image is Squid = Summer.

It has smooth texture and when you chew, you can feel some sweetness.

Don't forget to eat with some wasabi and soy sauce.

Watermelon is Another Veggie/Fruit to Cool Down You

Watermelon is more nutritious than I thought.

Carotene, lycopene,citrulline etc.

You can expect antioxidation effect, better kidney function, reducing swelling, prevention of cardiac disease, high blood pressure etc.

Of course, if you already have disease, please ask for doctors' remedies.

I usually sprinkle a pinch of salt. This also helps to refill inner salt which has been lost with sweat.

Cooling Down Your Body with Cucumber...

Pepo family or melon families are good to cool down your body in heat.... cucumber, watermelon..
( pumpkin has warming effect.)

One morning, I didn' t have much appetite, so instead of having oatmeal, rice or bread... I made this quickly and ate. ( better than no breakfast).

Cut cucumber and sprinkle a pinch of salt. Then pour a table spoonful sesame oil. Crunchy texture and fresh, green smell of cucumber gives you a cool start of the morning.