Hiyashi Chuka --- Cold Chinese Noodle

I wonder if this is real Chinese, but this dish has been called Hiyashi Chuka --- meaning Chilled Chinese.

Ham, Cucumber and Tomato. Just cook the noodle for 3 min. in boiled hot water and drain and wash in cold water well. Place the noodle in the plate and add soup ( this package had sesame flavor soup) which is usually enclosed in the package.

Easy and tasty. It was over 30 degrees today in Tokyo, so this was perfect for lunch.

Little Nap This Afternoon

Allow me to have little nap this late afternoon, please. I need to stay up all night tonight and this week I haven't had enough sleep, so I need to have some sleep today to function enough.

No calls till dinner time, please. Thank you.

By the way, lunch was good. Cold noodle plate I made. Will upload later.


When I feel I need to try harder......

This is not food, I have to say it first. Probably I should explain about my whole career when I have a chance. For today, I just explain something I recall once in a while.

I do appreciate when people call me or my company remembering me. The other day, I was sort of offered some job.... the reason I am saying " sort of " was because he was hinting. So, I do not have to take it seriously, but maybe he did. Well, as you all know that I have my own company, at the moment, I cannot work for some company full time and/ or as employee. Probably his company is expanding. I appreciated that he remembered me and said " If something happened and if I do have to close my company.... in that case, I might ask you to help me . " ( Hope this was OK and not rude. ) Seriously, you never know what is going to happen in this unpredictable world.

Fortunately, my company survived this economic crisis and I am trying to strengthen my company. ( Not to make bigger , but to make it more stable. )

OK, I should get to the point. I have declined several job offers after I decided to go independent. Why do I choose this more difficult and challenging way rather than working for companies. Well, one of the reasons is probably my DNA since my grandfather was also an entrepreneur. Another reason.... when I think another reason, this memory comes back to me.

During United Airline days ( I used to be in flight interpreter/ marketer , not a flight attendant.) , Gulf War took place. Pacific flights were always so light.... very few passengers.

Say, if the capacity of the plane is 400 , the actual load was less than 80 passengers average.

Also, constantly we received security alert. It was possible that I might have died being targeted from terrorists. Whenever I left for flights, I tried to clean my apartment room and leave it clean and organized.. The reason ? I thought there is a possibility that " I might get killed on the next flight." Probably, after 911, you wouldn't deny it. I didn't get killed, so I felt like " God is saying to me that I should still live and do something."

Since then, I decided to do whatever I feel I should do and have been trying " do things " and avoid regretting something " without doing". And that is why I try challenging things. I think.
There is another story similar to this, but it is going to be too long, so next time. Good night.

Drinks were also there.... / Southern Kyushu

The top was sweet wine. The bottom is beer from Kagoshima Prefecture. ( also called Satsuma area )

Satsuma Gold, Satsuma Purple, Satsuma Black... these were all beer. I tried Satsuma Purple.

It was more like Shochu (distilled spirit) made from sweet potato. ( or Yum potato )

Horse Meat / Tasty ! Southern Kyushu Promotion

We are greedy and cruel ? Probably .

Although I love animals and enjoy horseback riding and adore horses, I couldn't resist. ( In Japan, not often, but we do eat horse meat, do you ? )
Some regions eat more often. ( Not in Tokyo. Once in a while, I eat horse meat at restaurants in Tokyo, but not every restaurants have this.)

The meat was tender and tasty.

Southern Kyushu Promotion / Party

There were many people at the party.

Various food was presented and people were encouraged to try them.

Unfortunately, I don't remember which food was from which prefecture, but they are all from Kagoshima or Kumamoto or Miyazaki.

Piggy Meat Bun

Oh, I was going to write about sit-down comedy night, but then realized that I haven't written about this event. Thanks for your patience.

This was funny. It was tasty meat bun ,but look at this faces.

This is also from the event to promote Southern Kyushu area. There were tags in front of each food and I think the tag for this was saying " the black color is from bamboo charcoal.

Bamboo charcoal is used for various purposes.

This one probably used powdered one. The nutrition includes calcium, mineral, magnesium etc.

If you put bamboo charcoal ( usually it has bamboo shape) in your room or bathroom, it is supposed to absorb odor and clean the air. If you put into the rice cooker when you cook the rice, it is said that the rice will taste better. Also, you can use bamboo charcoal to make better , clean , tasty water.......

She is Japanese, but called " Suzanne".

Yes, her face is bit like Caucasian. She is well known and popular entertainer.

I went to some event the other day with my friend who was officially invited.

There, there were speeches of executives and then she showed up.

She was very sweet and her speech was smooth.

This event was to promote Southern Kyushu area, mainly Kumamoto, Miyazaki and Kagoshima. This " Suzanne " is from Kumamoto, so she is helping to promote her home prefecture.

Another Photo of Soy Sauce Omelet Rice

Yum, yum.

Actually, I think you can use any veggie that you can find in your fridge.

For chicken, I think chicken works best, but sausage, bacon, sliced pork or something with meat would work.

Use your imagination and be creative !


Soy Sauce Omelet Rice ( In Japanese Omurice)

Well, well, well. Already there are 50 pics or more waiting to be shown. Little by little.

I can write some tonight since I need to make some phone calls to Los Angeles tonight and need to wait till 2 a.m. or 3 p.m.

Lately, I often make this with several different variations.

The veggie, chicken breast and soy sauce flavored rice is sitting under omelet.

Usually, I make Western style.... regular omelet, but this one also tastes good. Arranged from Hanamaru Recipe. ( The morning TV show.)

chicken breast ( about 50 grams), asparagus ( 2 stalks ) or some green veggie.
2 eggs, soy sauce, some carrot ( I used 1/3 carrot), soup powder ( I used maggie's cube/ 1 cube) , half onion, 1 spoonful sake or white wine, grape seed oil or olive oil, salt, soy sauce,
mayonnaise, shichimi togarashi ( if you have Japanese shichimi chili pepper. if you don't you can probably use cayenne pepper or red chili pepper sauce or something like that)
steamed white rice ( about 1 small bowl or up to your taste)

1. Cut all the veggies and chicken breast into small pieces. ( the size is up to you. I cut into 1 cm)

2. Prepare frying pan with high heat. Start cooking chicken and add carrot, onion and then asparagus. Don't over cook to enjoy the veggie texture.

3. Add soup powder ( if it is powder, I would say about 1 to 2 tea spoons.) or 1 cube of maggie's soup stock. Add sake or white wine, and then add rice. Avoid cold rice. I microwaved it.

4. Add salt and 1 tea spoonful soy sauce and stir well. Clean the pan for eggs.

5. Now beat eggs. ( You don't have to beat completely.) Heat the pan and add oil.

6. Wait till the pan gets hot enough and then add eggs. Stir the eggs for 5 seconds.

7. Put the chicken and veggie rice in to the plate. Place the cooked eggs ( omelet) on the rice.

8. Put mayonnaise and shichimi pepper or hot chili , several drops of soy sauce and if you have parsley or dried parsley flakes , add that also on the eggs.

The omelet is fluffy and unusual Japanese flavored combination with rice tastes so good.
Enjoy !

Watching World Cup

Hope I can find some time tonight to write more. As mentioned, last night was soccer night.
When Honda scored, mobile phone e-mails came from friends and I figured that everybody was watching and it felt even more fun. After the game, we were all tired 'cause there were several scenes that Japan might have lost some. Glad that our national team won the first game.

Feel little tired this morning. Back to work now.


Due To World Cup Japan Game .......

I finished working, but......

Excuse me, please. Couldn't write during weekend. Then today, I HAVE to watch world cup soccer "Japan vs. Cameroon". Right now same group Netherlands vs. Denmark is being aired on NHK, the public broadcaster's general channel.

Food report: OK, now beer is in my hand and also wasabi flavored potato chips.

Ready for the game. ( but, probably before the game, I will finish this chips.....)

This is sort of related to my business. Although I am not actively involved in sports business right now, I used to buy soccer broadcasting rights for sports specialized TV station called J-Sports ( under J:COM .... back then, I was programming supervisor of Jupiter Programming, which became later Jupiter TV and Jupiter Telecom:JCOM. )

Back then, Italian Soccer Serie A was the strongest or most popular in European league and I don't think Premier League was that popular. Serie A had attractive and talented players.
Later stage of Roberto Baggio, Batistuta, Veron ( I liked his beautiful corner kick), Del Piero,Maldini, Vieri, Inzaghi( brothers) etc. etc.....

I still remember when I was at San Siro watching " AC Milan vs. Bologna". The audience was over 50,000. mmm. Hope I can go to Italy again and watch some soccer game. ( same for other leagues as well. ) I am not a big soccer fan ( compared to those who are really into soccer.) , yet the feeling of live game is totally different and I always enjoy that.