Spicy Cod Roe with Green Onion and Tofu

One quick pic tonight. This was main dish for dinner today. Can you tell what it is ?

Mentaiko --- Spicy cod roe ( I cut them into bite size and sprinkled ) , Tofu and green onion.
( scallion )

No seasoning is needed since Mentaiko is salty enough. Oh, but before using tofu, drain well.
And tear tofu into small pieces

When you eat, stir and mix the flavors.
My suggestion is adding sesame oil. ( I didn't add it today, but it would work. )


Cake Sel is IN !??

This week, although I had lots to do and actually worked, I also took some time to cook this. My interest in food always changes or my food adventure never ends... you could say.

It seems this salt cake is in right now..... I think the origin is some publisher's recipe book package which included baking pan introducing cake sel... the salt cake or salty cake. Yes, it is not dessert.

For instance, this one I made has broccoli and bacon. I need to explain the recipe , but it's real easy. The cooking time is about 15 min. and then you bake it in oven for 35 min.

I have tried several ingredients such as sausage, bacon, broccoli, asparagus, canned tuna etc....
Before I forget, I should upload all of them here. Well, I need to study today, so let me work on that some other time.

Bakery near Komaba Todaimae "Le Ressort "

This is not real dining out, but easy to find later if I categorize in dining out section.

Nice bakery I found on the way back to the station.

" Le Ressort "

There is no eating space inside. I just bought some French bread for breakfast.

Komaba Todaimae Station on Inokashira Line

Just wanted to show you this tiny station.
Keio Inokashira Line is short line and I like their small stations. Feels local.

Japan Folk Crafts Museum --- Korean pottery and porcelain

This afternoon, I visited this museum... probably 2nd time to introduce here? ( I have to check the archive.)

It is located just 2 stations away from my place.
There are attractive exhibitions now at other larger museums, but this weekend, I wanted to spend quiet time....you know, if you go to big exhibitions, usually there are many people and if the exhibition is popular one, you have to push your way to see the paintings etc....which I don't like.

While I enjoy meeting people, having parties, I need this kind of peaceful moments also.
At the moment, they are showing Korean potteries, old stationaries ...mostly from 19 centuries.
They are not so colorful, more subdued... or chic... gray, dark brown, or milky white.
You can also see Shogo Hamada's beautiful Japanese table wares.

Photo taking inside is forbidden, so can not show you any of those, but please check their website... Japan Folk Crafts Museum....

Take ( Keio Inokashira Line ).
From Sibuya station, it is 2nd station... Komabatodaimae ( meaning in front of Tokyo University ) . Exit from the head of the train side.... take a right and left. There are shops...
go along with the street. You will come to the end of that street and see this building on your right. Admission is 1,000 yen. Closed Mondays.

Healthy Cold Udon Noodle with Natto & Mekabu

Looks mysterious.... for foreign people?
Natto, fermented beans and reproduction cell of seaweed, both are supposed to be good for you.

Then added egg and graded ginger, a 1/4 cup of water and noodle soup called " mentsuyu" ( about 1/4 cup).

Before that, you need to cook udon noodle.
For this one, just followed the instruction of the package. Prepare boiled hot water, cook udon in there for 6 min. Wash the noodle in cool water.