Will write over weekend !

I am still working on things... Tomorrow is Saturday, but I have to do some work. Need preparation and will write tomorrow or Sunday. Please wait a moment.

Thanks. In any case, have a great weekend.



Hello Kitty BB Cream and Face Powder

I just wanted to show you the pic of new cosmetic kit. I don't buy much cosmetics. When I was in 20's, I spent more money on cosmetics, but now I try to buy something good with reasonable price, or just a few high quality ( sometimes high price ) ones.

This one may look childish for my age.
Once in a while, it is also an entertainment.

Thanks for stopping by. Now I have to go back to work.


Time for Implementation....

I need to implement next challenge. There are plans in my head and I had to postpone them because I had things to work on. Yet, I cannot keep postponing them. June will be the time for implementation. The rest is up to me. I really need pressure myself from now on. At the end of June, I will feel " Oh, half of 2010 is gone. Did I try enough or did I do enough? " If I do carry things at current speed, that will be too slow. I don't mean it is always good to rush... but I have been tooooooo slow. It is almost like promise to myself.

Fried Pork & Asparagus

Not well focused pic. Sorry.

Since a friend of the same apartment complex gave me a bunch of asparagus, I made this.

thinly sliced pork 50 grams.
asparagus 4,5 stalks
garlic 1 clove
sweet rice wine 1 table spoon
sake or white wine 1 table spoon
oyster sauce 1/2 table spoon
Chinese chicken soup powder 1 tea spoon

1. Cut asparagus into 3 to 5 cm. pieces. Same for pork.
2. Crush the garlic clove and cut into small pieces.
3. Heat pan and pour some oil.... you can use any.... I used sesame oil.
4. Add garlic. Pork. Fry well. Then add soup powder, sake or white wine, sweet rice wine.
5. Add asparagus and oyster sauce. Don't over cook asparagus. Try it and cook it to your taste.

Enjoy! ( This was experimental, but was delicious. Thanks to the friend. I enjoyed the late Spring flavor. )

Close-Up of Delivered Sushi

They were good. Of course, it is different from sushi restaurant ones.... you know the one.... you sit at the counter and chat with sushi chef... ask for the next sushi....

Sushi Delivery from Kakiyazushi

I had this sushi dinner tonight. There are sushi restaurants which also deliver dishes and also there are delivery sushi chains.

This one is from Delivery Company called Kakiyazushi. Salmon, tuna, yellow tail, egg, salmon roe, Japanese horse mackerel, prawn, conger eel, scallop and squid.

While I need to work on projects and works, I feel I need to do research and study for myself. One thing is English since I'd like to polish it more.
I am taking TOEIC test at the end of June.....after probably 15 years. The first score was pretty good and it helps, but score is score. When you are doing businesses the score really doesn't matter. Then, why am I taking it again? Well, I think I wanted to pressure myself. When I am busy with business, I don't really try to make times for study, but if I try, probably I can find more time.