Our Next Event is SATC 2 !!!

We get together and enjoy this kind of parties or eating outs. Next event will be movie going.....
" Sex & City 2".

I can't wait.

From Moroccan Stew to Japanese Egg Plant

The top left is lentil, tomato etc.... salad. Salad a friend made ... she said it was from William Sonoma's recipe.

I usually cook, but I was too sleepy and could not get up early enough ! Bought the marinated eggplant in Japanese style. Another friend cooked Moroccan Stew with couscous. They were all delicious.... others were Indian chicken ball etc..... we have several bottles of wines...

It is because of age or trend.... once in a while we go out and eat at restaurants, but lately, we prefer picnics or home parties.... it is so comfortable and relaxing.... oh, probably another reason is now there are several babies..... a few years ago, there was none. So, that is probably another reason that we prefer this style. We are all from different industries.... lawyer, medical doctor, Thai interpreter, owner of model agency and myself.

Home Party @ Friends'

We were originally going to have picnic on the grass behind Midtown , new Roppongi.

Unfortunately, it was raining and we changed our plan to home, potluck party.

Here are some of my friends......

( In order to respect their privacy, will not mention the names or show the close-ups.)


Re-Union of Secretarial Office of Mitsubishi Corporation

There were lots of foods.....but I was too busy talking to people.

When I came back to the table, most of the food was gone !

However, I felt it was more important and precious to talk to those people and enjoy the conversation.

I would like to thank them all. After over 20 years, I am still invited. What a nice company.

Be Aware of E-mail Fraud from UK

I received an e-mail from my friend address and the full name was his name. The note was to ask for help. I checked with Foreign Ministry and they say this kind of e-mail fraud has been conducted by hackers. The e-mail says " I am on my vacation with my family and was robbed. The local authority is not 100% supportive...etc. etc."

If you receive this kind of e-mail, please check with the ministry and report it to them. The address and name looked like my friend's, so at first, you are probably not sure.

Don't send money, your country's authority will support your friends.


Re-Union of Secretarial Office of Mitsubishi Corporation

For tonight, enjoy these, please.

Mitsubishi Club is located on 21st floor of Mitsubishi Corporation.

They sent out invitation to over 250 people and over 70 people came to the party. This has been held every other year.

With several job transfers and moving, I had lost contacts with some people and it was nice to catch up with them. I also talked to my instructor.... looking back my 20's , which was right after graduation, I knew nothing about businesses..... Thanks to her.