Over 70 people were at Re-Union of Mitsubishi Corporation

I would like to show you photos from the party. am little tired right now.
Later or tomorrow, I will show you the photo. I met some new people also, who were working there after I left the company. It was nice to catch up.

Will write tomorrow!

Fortunately ? or unfortunately, I still have to work tonight. Probably a few more hours.
Will write some tomorrow. See you soon !


Twitter JP has been Over Capacity

Gee. Twitter has been over capacity and I cannot log in. It must be quite popular and especially around midnight. Well, I have to go back to work, so will give up to tweet today. Cheers.

Morning Delight

Trying to eat more veggies.

Fried zucchini and tomato, sausages, whole grain bread....with apple butter.

healthy start of the day.

Midnight Udon Noodle

I was falling a sleep. There is some more to do.... so, made this.

Egg, Dried bonito flakes, colorful ( not artificial...these are from veggies such as pumpkin, pepper, carrot etc.) sesame, chopped green onion....

Just boil udon noodle following the instruction ( this was 6.5 min.) and wash it in water. ( I poured some hot water after that to warm it little.)
Put all the ingredients. Add tea spoonful soy sauce and mentsuyu ( noodle sauce or without it is fine). Stir well.

Thai Green Curry under the Sky

This is one of my favorite places..... tiny place to call it restaurant or shop...as you can see, half of the seats are set up outside. In this season, this is enjoyable. Price is also good.... usually 650 yen, during lunch time ( 12:00-3:00p.m.), it is 550 yen. Someday, I have to try their bar.

At Shimokitazawa station, exit to north side and go down the staircase to Peacock Store direction.
When you reach the bottom of the stairs, immediately turn right. There is narrow alley next to drug store ( MINE DRUG).

Love Kyoh will be on your left.

Miyazaki Beef --- Foot-and-Mouth Desease

The epidemic of foot & mouth disease of Miyazaki prefectures cows is getting serious and several thousands cows have been already killed, but the total estimated number of cows and pigs to be killed will be over 85,000! This is a disaster not only for Miyazaki prefecture since their calves are adapted by other prefectures ie; Matsuzaka beef.

The government has been blamed for slow action.


Instant curry noodle. I usually cook or go out for lunch or have lunch meeting.

I guess I didn't have time this day. Bought this at convenience store and poured hot boiled water.

Cheese curry noodle was tasty. Not healthy though.


Wait a Minute, Please......

I bought new PC and tried to upload photos, but it doesn't work. I need to wait till tomorrow.
Just a moment, please.

Twitter / English

I had registered myself on twitter. Have not used it fully, so decided to learn little more about twitter. my account is yassymagnolia. if you are interested, please check it out !