Shibuya 's Famous Intersection

This intersection is located in front of JR's Shibuya Station.
Big intersection with diagonal cross-walks.

When the signal turns green, people start crossing from 4 directions.

When it is crowded, spectacular....


Here is the menu. Top Left is Cheese Curry dog.... c an you see the flag of India ? Next to it is German potato I had.
(It was actually very good and filling. )

Top right is Italian. Down left is Belgium.... Chocolate and custard. Middle is France... Caramel pudding. Right is U.S..... sweet potato... I wonder sweet potato for U.S. is right image? ( I guess it is also for fun, so I should not be too serious about it! )

Next time, when I wear something more casual, I 'd like to try Italian.

I have seen this shop on TV before and there was a long waiting line. Today, it was before lunch ( and also Monday ), maybe that is why.... no line. I was able to eat this with one hand and started walking again.

The Taiyaki in Shibuya

I was impressed with this translation...." Crispy Hot Sandwich". It is....Tai is snapper or sea bream.

It is called so because of the shape. Traditionally, it is supposed to be sweet... This is fusion and innovation.

The inside is international... such as German Potato, Italian ( pork sausage, tomato sauce, cheese etc. ) ... I was running from A to B skipping lunch today. I could call this lunch.

What I chose was German Potato. Italian was tempting, but I was wearing white blouse, so did not want to drop tomato paste on it.

Located on Center Avenue of Shibuya. ( Center Gai in Japanese.)