Buaiso / Residence of Mr. & Mrs. Shirasu--- Tsurukawa

This is the last photo from Buaiso. This is the restaurant and cafe. ( For tea, sweets, you don't need reservation.)

Small, comfortable room as restaurant. The service is nice they bring green tea for lunch.

The address is Tokyo, but you will forget that you are in Tokyo.


Buaiso / Jiro Shirasu & Masako Shirasu

Buaiso the house / museum I visited is now maintained by their daughter. Jiro Shirasu was entourage of prime minster Yoshida who tried to stop the outbreak of Pacific War and became foreign minister and then prime minister after the war. Jiro Shirasu acted as interpreter and negotiator when Japanese government negotiated GHQ and joined the team that created new constitution. He also created current METI.... Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. At the moment, I am working on some projects of METI and this visit made me look back Japan's history again.   

His wife Masako Shirasu is known as essayist and has intimate knowledge of culture and arts including kimono, ceramic art....etc.

I enjoyed visiting their residence since I could see that they had sophisticated tastes. Decor, ceramics, architecture, the garden.... Tsurukawa is now residential area located in west part of Tokyo, yet still quiet and far different from my area. It is interesting that they chose this area and house ( former farmer's house ) and were self-sufficient.

The lunch we had is the only choice for having lunch there and you need to call them at the following number in advance. The lunch is served at 12:00 or 13:30. The total number is 24.
So, try to make the reservation early. Lunch box is 3,150 yen per person. The admission is 1,000 yen. It takes 15 min. from Tsurukawa station ( Odakyu Line) . There are two buses you can take from the station. The route number is either 13 or 26 and get off at Heiwadai Iriguchi.
I think it was second stop from the station. Then you will find big UNIQLO on your left. Turn left at the corner and go up the slope. The left corner of the uphill is the entrance.

Address: 1284 Nogayacho, Machida City, Tokyo


Lunch @ Buaiso --- Residence of Mr. & Mrs. Shirasu

Today is the last day of Golden Week... April 29, May 1 through 5 was long holiday... Every year, this is called Golden Week and is the season for people to travel or rest.

While I had to work on several projects, I had appointments. This one with my aunt.

She has been to this place, but we were talking about visiting this place together and have lunch.

You need to make a reservation by phone.
Will write the details in the following post.

The lunch box had the following food ---it seems this lunch is prepared by restaurant located in Aoyama ( I once had lunch there.) " Les Cristallines". Therefore, it is not traditional Japanese food. It is more like French. ( Mr. & Mrs. Shirasu have been both educated in foreign countries. It matches with their back ground and tastes. )

Quiche of Leek/ Cherry Tomato Compote /Marinated Red cabbage/ Pate of French Duck
Paste of Cod with Toasted Bread / Potage Soup of Cali flower

Main Course:
Steamed Lobster with Estragon Flavored Mayonnaise / Yamagata Shonai Beef Steak / Clam Escargot Butter / Parsley Flavored Butter Rice

Pineapple Compote / Bread Pudding Caramel Flavor / French Style Cream Puff with Chocolate Sauce.

Buaiso / Residence of Mr. & Mrs. Shirasu--- Tsurukawa

Buaiso / Residence of Mr. & Mrs. Shirasu--- Tsurukawa

This type of house is now hard to find.... precious classic farmer's house. Especially the thatched roof.

Tranquil ambiance and beautiful decor is entertaining if you like arts. Their taste is quite traditional and Japanese....at the same time, you can feel Western influence fit in to Japanese furniture and goods.

Buaiso / Residence of Mr. & Mrs. Shirasu--- Tsurukawa

Boy's Festival --- Doll @ Brighton Hotel

May 5 is boy's festival day. When I visited this hotel, there was this doll in the lobby.


Urayasu Brighton Hotel & Lobby Lounge

This may be a good hotel if you are visiting Tokyo Disney Land.

My friend who works at Disney in U.S. was staying at Hilton actually for his business. Just before the departure, he found some time and we decided to chat over the lunch at this hotel.

His wife is also a good friend of mine.
Since we are both in entertainment business, we can talk about business trend also.

This Brighton Hotel is directly connected to the station of Shin Urayasu. Next station of Maihama,where Disney Land is located.

Friends from St. Margaret's / Alumni Reunion

It was great to see all the friends from school. Some, I were with up to high school, some all the way to college. With some friends, I had seen and kept contacts with.... ex. visited M in Paris where she lives with her French husband. Others, this was actually the first time after 20 some years. That is quite a long time, but we share memories and it was easy to talk with them and it felt like old days again. We sat with same class people ( or I could say same year people) . However, this was whole school event, so there were teachers from elementary school, Jr. high, Sr. high, college...... also all the different classes. There were familiar faces although they are different ages.... probably our years are close, I could tell.

Yet, in good way, some friends have changed, I noticed. During school days, M was rather quiet. She is now extremely cheerful and made us laugh with her cynical yet very funny sense of humor. Nice to see all these friends and they are doing well. Some have children and some are single, some are working and some have promoted to senior/high position in a corporate world.

Y was very good friend while I was at St. Margaret's, but we lost contacts after a while. We figured that was because both of us kept moving. I moved a few times and also changed job.
She immediately sent me e-mail after the gathering, which was sweet. Funny thing is it seems she got too excited seeing all the friends and had fever that night. ( Sounds like a child !)

It is interesting that most of us still live in the same area..... Western part of Tokyo.... the area called Yamanote..... residential area with greenery.

Carp for May 5

Every year, probably I write about this. May 5 is children's day or boys' day. Families who have boys fly carp streamers toward this day.

I don't know who did this. After the gathering at school, I found this near the station.

St. Margaret's School

I went to this school from Jr. High and then Sr. High through College.

Alumni of St.Margaret's

Every year, alumni of my school, St.Margaret's is organized on April 29, which is national holiday.

This year for the first time, I attended both general assembly and also the lunch gathering.

The assembly was held at St. Maria Chapel.

The left is the lunch box provided to the attendees after the assembly and it was at some hall. ( I forgot the name of it since it did not exist while I was a student.)

The whole central part of the school was remodeled, re-built.... totally different from the days I was there.