Spring Cabbage

Spring cabbage is tender compared to winter cabbage, which is more bulky and hard.

This is also easy.

Cut a few leaves of cabbage into bite size.

Heat a pan and put cabbage into it.

Pour 1 cup of water, bring to boil.

When the cabbage is ready ( don't cook too long. keep the crunchy texture little.) ,
place cabbage into the plate. Pour two teaspoon of soy sauce and 1 table spoon of olive oil.

Enjoy !

Baby Sardine --- with Cucumber

Quick and simple.

Cut cucumber into bite size.
Mix baby sardine into cucumber.
Baby sardine is already salty enough, so I didn't use any salt.

Then pour a table spoon sesame oil over it.

Easy, good with beer.
( This kind of baby sardine sold at super market is already boiled.)

Tofu & Honey

The other day, I tried this. This unique shape tofu comes in a package with 4 pieces of tofu.

This one was creamy, almost like bavarois.

So, I tried with honey. The tofu was turned into creamy dessert.

The other options could be molasses, maple syrup,
caramel sauce.....


Panyakibito --- Meaning Bread Baker on Umegaoka Dori

The other day, I had this lunch with a friend from the company I used to work for. This place is bit far from the station, but worth to try.

If you live on Odakyu line, get off at Setagaya Daita. Walk along with Kannana, take a left on Umegaoka Dori ( Umegaoka Street ).

The shop is called " Panyakibito ".

Their lunch has three options.... I had pot-au-feu... sort of veggie stew. The bread is all you can eat style.... for 1,000 yen. Great deal. he desert and coffee is also included.

It is now definitely Spring. I wonder if my body is feeling and that is why.... in the past 2 weeks, I really wanted to eat heavy bread. Sort of German type. They have heavy bread ( I bought fusion type bread, which has several kinds of cereals. ) ,
sweet type, light ones.

If you go to this place, there are two shops you must also check. Both are Shinano-Ya.
Shinano-Ya Shokuhinkan ( Food Store ) is good super market. Wine-kan ( Wine Store ) has good selection of wines, sakes etc.

The closest station is Setagaya Daita on Odakyu Line.
Address: 1-35-13 Daita, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
Hours: 11:00-20:00 ( It seems closed early on Mondays.)
Lunch : 11:00-14:00
Closed on Tuesdays

Easy Avocado Sushi --- I call it

Maybe this is not authentic sushi, but we have similar one called temakizushi --- Do-It- Yourself Sushi Rolls.

Here, you don't even roll.....

Prepare dried laver ( cut as photo ) and steamed white rice ( sprinkle some sushizu - vinegar for sushi--- you can buy it the bottled one, but if you cannot find it, for this amount of rice, add a tea spoon of vinegar, a pinch of salt and a pinch of sugar, it is up to you. )

You can try other ingredients for bacon part... such as smoked salmon, grilled chicken, ham ,tomato, mango slice , etc...


Dried laver
Steamed white rice
Sushizu ( for rice or vinegar, sugar, salt)
Avocado ( 1/2 for the photo: squeeze lemon juice and mash it )
Cooked bacon ( cut finely )
Soy sauce
Wasabi paste ( I always use wasabi in tube)

Just put the rice, avocado on it and bacon on rice. Dip it into wasabi soy sauce. Or because of the shape, it maybe difficult to dip. So, use tea spoon and pour a bit of wasabi soy sauce over the bacon rice. Yum !
It could be served at parties! Glad that I created this.

Simple Breakfast

The flower print towel is the gift from Hana-chan, a friend's daughter's birth celebration's gift. I love it since it is girly and gives spring image.

The rice is brown rice and egg with little bit of soy sauce and I added garlic spicy oil ( called rah-yu here.... spicy oil is somehow it became suddenly popular here.) . The miso soup has chopped green onion and deep fried tofu.

It feels homey.