Ueno Park --- Cherry Blossoms

Look at these people. In other areas, there were people sitting on blue plastic sheets having parties !

Steamed Meat Bun at Ueno Park

I went to the museum in the morning. Then I had a meeting in the afternoon. I needed to have something to eat in between.

Found this meat bun, which looked quite good.... it was good !

Cherry Blossom --- Ueno Park

Well, I think I have some more photo from U.S. trip, but you probably need something different.

Let me show you some photo from last weekend.

I was given some ticket for art museum and ran to the museum since the exhibit was almost over.

Then realized that the whole area was filled with people.... who came to see these cherry blossoms.

Columbia University New York

The last visit was Columbia University.

Their film school will be now known as the school where Kathryn Bigelow studied..... the first female academy winner director.... for " Hurt Locker".

Have you seen the film yet ? After I saw it, I could not eat my dinner. Well made. Impressive.

Helmsley Park Lane / New York

There are so many hotels in New York.
Since it was ministry's project, there was certain budget rules.

Within the range, I tried to find nice one.
Compared to Los Angels' hotel, which was artsy, contemporary boutique type hotel, this one was classic type.

I used to stay at Helmsley New York, which is close to Grand Central Station , I chose the same group hotel.

Facing Central Park and close to Columbus Circle, conveniently located. Not a giant hotel, but big enough , yet lobby was quiet. ( I don't like noisy hotel lobby filled with people. )

Helmsley Hotel Park Lane

36 Central Park South
New York, New York 10019

Tel: 212-371-4000
Fax: 212-750-727

Tisch School of the Arts/ Kanbar Institute of Film & TV @ NYU

This is the Tisch School of the Arts.

Lombardi's Pizza / NoLita in New York

This is the lunch we had after the meeting.
At the edge of Little Italy or NoLita entry.

Famous pizza place called " Lombardi's".

It was good, simple, American Italian fluffy Pizza.
( I think American pizza is little thicker than Italian pizza. )
Ambiance was nice casual, lively with many people.

TEL: 212-941-994
32 Spring St.

We were both exhausted, but this pizza gave us energy to get going again.

Red Eye --- Overnight Flight L.A. to N.Y.

I have to write little more about the trip I made last month. It was hectic schedule.... so, I had to take red-eye from L.A. to N.Y. I think the departure was around 10:30 p.m and the arrival was around 6:30 into N.Y. I was with business associate , so we went to the hotel and checked in to each room , then took a shower , then took a short nap, met in the lobby again, then left.

The appointment was 10:00 a.m. We could have coffee and breakfast at some restaurant, but I insisted " I need to take a shower and fix my make up." ( The first impression is important. I did want to look like exhausted dinosaur ! )

I think while I was sleeping on the flight, I looked like Jurassic Park's dinosaur, shaking my neck from left to right, right to left...... imagine, it was tiring.

NYU Stern School of Business

NYU's Business school..... Why did I visit here ?
Actually, I just visited NYU's Tisch School of the Arts.

It was for research. NYU's film school --- a program of Tisch School of Arts has unique producers' program which is dual degree / MFA/MBA program collaborating with Stern School of Business.


Regarding FRISCO --- Hamburger Place

So, I remember that I was going to write about FRISCO, the great hamburger place.

I chatted with owner and he is friendly Japanese man who stayed in the states for 36 years.

He was invited by U.C. Berkley since he was prominent athlete. Several years ago, when he came back to Japan with his wife, he soon started preparing to open this place. While you are eating you can also enjoy talking with him. ( If he was not too busy.)

The hamburger is juicy, real one. Salt & pepper and special sauce he made... , so you would not need sauce or ketchup. Be careful when you eat since the sauce might come out and make stains on your cloths.

Char-grilled hamburger is flavorful !

Closed on Tuesdays
Open : 11:30 - 21:00
2-34-11 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
From Shimokitazawa station, exit to North side. ( You will find Peacock Store )
Take a right and when you see Yokohama bank on your left, turn right.
At the end of that street, turn left. ( On your left corner, there is traditional rice cracker shop.)
Keep on going. FRISCO will be on your left in 1 or 2 min. ( The entrance is very difficult to find since the sign is in between shops and the actual door to the shop is deep inside the alley.)

Avocado --- Definitely Good for Skin !

Last week I kept eating tomato salsa and guacamole at least 6 or 7 times.

There were some scars on my hands which stray cats caused. ( usually they are nice to me, but while playing sometimes they get excited and scratch or bite my hands.)

I did not eat salsa or avocado for this purpose, but I noticed these scars which were staying there for a while are fading quickly..... I think it was avocado.

Kodansha --- Restaurant for Employees

I should have taken more photos ! It was like hotel dining or lobby lounge.

I visited a publishing company called Kodansha --- leading publisher in Japan.

The meeting was held at this restaurant.

There were various kinds of menus and each looked tempting.

I had this vegetable tempura bowl w/ miso soup.
Egg plant, pumpkin etc..... although I was supposed to focus on the conversation finishing the meal quickly, I couldn't :)