To All the Olympic Participants

One thing I forgot to mention in the previous post. I can imagine that all the athletes made unlimited effort to participate in the Olympic Games. It is highly competitive and there should be many stories behind the scenes...... I respect that and thank you for showing us wonderful performance and giving us courage to challenge something in our lives.

I cannot stop my tears when I see those athletes since I imagine they have made so much efforts..... ( It is easy to make me cry..... even sports news itself can make me cry.)

Thanks to all the athletes and stuff who supported the games.

I am working on Paralympic Game right now, so look forward to see Paralympic Games as well.
( It will be aired on NHK in Japan.)

Vancouver and Whistler --- Olympic is Over

Well, February was busy month for me. It is already March today.

While I was working intensively, Olympic started and is now over!
Still, I tried to watch TV when I could.

I have visited Vancouver twice. Whistler once.

I like Vancouver.... nature and city life.... good combination. When I visited Vancouver there were some friends studying there. Close enough to U.S., but my impression was people's pacing was slower there... no rush.

Granville Island was beautiful. Aquarium was nice. Whistler was nice dual mountains. I enjoyed skiing there... smooth, nice long run. My level is beginner or intermediate, but still enjoyable with nice aspirin snow.

I still remember how and why I went to Whistler. I was staying this Japanese friends... who are married couple. Then, husband's birthday was next day..., which I did not realize. Very nicely, I was asked to go somewhere just that night. .... Oops! Of course, they probably wanted to have romantic night alone. Sorry ! I said " Of course, sorry to have bothered you. Thank you for saying that ! " I could have stayed somewhere with some other friends, but decided to go to Whistler..... since I was alone to go, I wondered if it was safe enough, but it turned out no problem ! The courses were well signed like " For Beginners " or " For Advanced Level", so I did not get lost or did challenge risky course. Funny and good memory now..... with magnificent view from the top of the mountain.