Maybe This Weekend....

I am handling 3 projects, preparing for 3 seminars and Vancouver Paralympic related work.
Usually, even if I am busy, I feel it is not classy to say " Busy " and try to avoid that word.

However, I am really busy this week and then next week. Please bear with me.

At the moment, I am learning so many flower names..... for seminars. Talk to you again soon.


Need to Upload Pictures......

It's been a week already !? I had a meeting and some work on weekend also, so it feels so fast.

Will try to write some more.... Well, I took out some garbage for tomorrow morning's pick up....which is good ! ( Wednesday is usually for recyclable garbage such as used cans, grass bottles, magazines, newspapers...)

I had dinner already, but somehow it feels hungry again. ( As usual, I have too much appetite.)

Talk to you again soon. Cheers.