I feel dizzy....it is busy week....

Just a moment, please. It is hectic now.
There was some interesting TV program I briefly saw. ( Need to see the full program soon.
I recorded it. ) Have you heard of Food Desert ?

It snowed here last night. It got warm once and then got chilly... back to Winter again.

I can hear that cats are rutting. Spring is coming soon.


Movies ......Game, TV etc.....

I need to see movies..... AVATAR, Paranormal Activities, It's Complicated....( This one will be released next month here.... another food related movie ! ) ....

All different genres.... Nowadays, it is nonsense to categorize content by the media or the platform.

AVATAR.... is currently released at theater... 3D ...TV will be 3D shortly... I think manufacturers are working on TV set with 3D system right now. Paranormal Activities..... probably latest American Success Story.... , but the creator is originally game developer..... he may create game based on his movie. Julie & Julia was originally blog..... it turned to movie..... so, you never know.

Not just for fun, I need to see the movies to catch up with these trends and also to study....

mmm. I had nice lunch with my aunt yesterday. I need to make some kind of chart and then make or allocate budget for some project. ( Was assigned as Project Mgr.) Working Sunday...
I had a party I was going to attend, but had to cancel it. ( Yeah, I had nice loooong lunch yesterday, so had to give up something today.)

Well, let me go back to work now. Will talk to you again soon. Ciao.

Hayama Coffee Shimokitazawa --- Newly Opened

This is probably the closest from my place.... Hayama Coffee was opened on January 26, 2010.

Last Tuesday, I noticed this cafe started their service.

Looked nice.... especially the terrace.... should be nice if you could sit there and read newspaper, book... or chat with friends in Spring or Early Summer.

Tried a few days later. Coffee was 280 yen, but with opening discount, 220 yen.
The people were working very hard and kind. Yet, the best thing is.... it is 1 to 2 min. only from my place! I will probably visit them to read books, to think projects etc...

Hayama Coffee Shimokitazawa ( It seems they are franchised.)
TEL: 03-6407-9572
Address: #102, 2-37-3 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
( I forgot to check the detailed schedule, but I think they are open from morning till 9:00pm everyday. )

Takoyaki Comparison II --- Hamadako by Araya

Thanks for waiting! There are several Takoyaki ( Octopus Balls ) shops in Shimokitazawa.

I tried this place for the first time....

" Hamadako" is originally from Shonan area, the man who made this explained.

Hama reminds me of Yokohama ( the City of Kanagawa Prefecture) and the image of beach, shore, coast....

Shonan is the beach, coast line of Kanagawa Prefecture. He put big octopus pieces into each ball. According to him, their takoyaki is crispy/ crunchy outside and inside is soft.... it was like.... how can I explain... stew. Usually this package is 450 yen, but when I got there, it was on Time Sales.... and 350 yen. Lucky ! ( I can't help it... sorry for my childish reaction. ) It took a while since he started cooking after I ordered, but it was nice to chat with him and also watching his cooking was entertaining.

At the station of Shimokitazawa, go to South side. ( McDonald's side) If you see McDonald's , turn left ( or go onto the street, which is between McDonald's and Kyodaru--- take out Sushi shop.) .

Hamadako will be on your right in 10- 15 seconds. If you'd like to eat there, you can sit inside.