Scallion/Green Onion Pancake --- Konamono Series

This is Konamono Series. Kona means flour.
Takoyaki ( Octopus Balls ) I ate yesterday is also konamono. ( Mono means things.)

Today I made simple scallion/green onion pancakes. I am very stingy these days.... in a way, I am quite flexible and keen on trends and also trying to save money and also avoid wastes.

While I enjoy nice/high-end restaurants, I also enjoy these everyday food and try to make these food with less costs.

Back in 80's we didn't care... or I didn't care.
I was young and also that was the air of the era. I remember, when we were in the middle of the bubble economy, I have seen ramen noodle with 24k gold flakes, which cost 100, 000 yen, equivalent to 1,000 dollars a bowl. Crazy! Now the Japan's economy is in difficult time, but it is healthier in many ways.... we try to use the ingredients carefully using all. We try to recycle things. Anyways, these konamono is also cost effective. I made three versions today.
1) The top left is the first one. Simply added chopped green onion, some niboshi-powder ( dried small sardines) , one egg and one cup of water. Mixed well. Pour a table spoonful sesame oil into the heated pan and the pour the batter. Cook both sides. When it is well cooked with the little brown color on the surface, place it onto the plate. Sprinkle some dried bonito flakes. Some drops of soy sauce to your taste. 2) Second one is basically same. Cook in the pan. The sauce is different. I used sauce ( little sweeter than regular sauce. Okonomiyaki --- Japanese pancake sauce.) and mayonnaise. 3) Made another batter....water, flour and green onion only, no egg.
After spreading the batter, add some cheese.

Various version is possible. I love scallion/ green onion, so I like all the above. It's easy and you can probably try with oil, egg, flour and green onion/ spring onion you have in your kitchen.

Enjoy !


Takoyaki Comparison I --- Seven Eleven Version

While I still need to check out Fried Chicken from Sankus ( the last one from convenience stores in Shimokitazawa), I had this Takoyaki Balls tonight. ( This is from 7/11. Frozen takoyaki, so you need to microwave for 3 min. )

Sauce and condiments were not included in the package, so used sauce, bonito flakes and green seaweed like Aonori found in the fridge.

There were 6 balls in a package and it costs 100 yen. ( Inexpensive!) Tako means octopus. Yaki means grill, broil ..... The batter is made of wheat flower, egg, water... chopped octopus and scallion etc. is also included.

There are a few shops selling Takoyaki over counters or at bars. I'd like to try them and compare.
Originally I was going to cook tonight,but things are not happening as planned originally and I was upset. There are things to do, but suddenly felt so tired from this situation. I could have done something different or/more if the plan was like this to start with !!! Cannot blame anybody at this stage, that is why it is frustrating. I would say it is just a system. ( Sometimes it is easy to blame somebody and say " It's all your fault!"). Well, I should keep on working and fingers crossed. It is already January 20, scary. What have I done so far this year??? Let's work hard!


So Much Appetite.....

I am too full to write something. Let me work on that tomorrow. Is this because of Winter ? I have so much appetite.... I have to admit originally I am big eater... still I don't know if my body is preparing for hibernation or something... ( For hibernation , it is bit too late since we can sense that Spring is coming soon....) After dinner, I still wanted to eat something. I had two pieces of Mochi ( rice cakes). I haven't seriously worked out lately. Before spring, I should start exercise.


Instant Noodle with Chinese Chives, Spring Onion and Boiled Egg

Sort of fridge cleaning. Today, it was bit warmer.
Last week, it was cold here. ( It wasn't below ZERO, though.)

Chinese chives enhances blood circulation.
It feels warmer after eating that.


Ground Radish, Ginger and Bonito Flake --- Rice Cake New Version

I often eat rice cake with ground radish ( Japanese Daikon Radish).

I wanted to add something and find some new version.

Added ground ginger, bonito flake and ponzu.

Tasty !

Nikumaki Hompo in Shimokitazawa ( Meat Roll with Rice)

Nikumaki ( Meat Roll) --- the inside is steamed white rice. It was very good. It was originally snack cooked and eaten by kitchen staff. Then since it was so good it became popular in Miyazaki prefecture and came to Tokyo.

In my town, Shimokitazawa, this shop is selling two kinds. One is regular and the other is with Cheese. Both are 300 yen.

Nikumaki Hompo:

Monday through Thursday and Sunday:
Friday, Saturday and before Holiday:

It is near Honda Theater.

"Hassaku No Yuki" & " Hanachirashi No Ame" by Kaoru Takada

These novels are favorite of mine.... meaning novels which have FOODs in stories....the time background is Edo Era.... probably late 17th to 18th century ?

The blue one is the first episode and the pink cover is the sequel.

Mio--- the protagonist is the poor young girl who lost her parents. She remembers that she had best friend back in Osaka, but does not know where the best friend is now.... Mio lost her parents due to catastrophic flood and after that she has not seen her best friend. Now she is in Edo ( Tokyo ) and helping Soba Noodle Shop.
The Noodle shop owner, Clients, Medical Doctor, Neighbors......supported by kind people, Mio pursues her cooking as her vocation. There is sneaky rival restaurant, mysterious incidents ....heartwarming and entertaining with tempting food description.

The story is still continuing.... can't wait for the next episode !