Will Read " Lovely Bones" before writing about the Movie

I feel I need to read the book and compare with the movie... It is just a hunch...the movie is little different from her original work.... Just a moment, please. In the meantime, I will finish reading the book about this girl Mio.... She is the cook in this sequel novels set in Edo Era.... it is story about the girl and kind people around her, food, relationship in various relations and friendship... This book is probably my BEST in the past several months.

" Julie & Julia" --- Julie Powell and Julia Child

It was about a week ago... I saw this movie, " Julie & Julia". Have you seen this ? It is about Julia Child and Julie Powell. Julia Child --- American woman who learned French Cooking in Paris and she introduces French Cuisine to Americans... Easy to say,but from this movie, you can see that it took time and required much effort. Her character is cheerful, strong and if she is determined, she just starts working on it without hesitation, intrigue character. We, audience need to travel the days of Julia Child and this current Julie's New York back and forth. Then in current New York,
Julie is struggling with her wish to become something and the reality working as office girl far different from successful friends....

I enjoyed this movie because it is introducing foods and lifestyle, but also, this is the log of two women who were looking for something meaningful in their lives. Strongly recommended.
( I would probably buy its DVD later. )


Will Update You Shortly.....mmm, Friday, am tired..

I was invited to a screening last night and saw " The Lovely Bones", which I enjoyed and loved.
Will write about that shortly. I could not try another fried chicken today since Sankus was not ready for that yet when I visited ( before noon). I have another invitation tomorrow to Rakugo --- Sit-down Comedy, so will write about it also shortly. What else ?

The METI project is now officially on and I will be tied up with it for a while.

I tried Nikumaki ( Meat Wrap or Meat Roll ) , which is currently popular here ( originally from Miyazaki Prefecture) and would like to show you the photo.

Please wait a few days. ( Maybe I can write tomorrow or this weekend....? )

I still have energy, but my eyes are tired.....I need to remove my contacts now.

Have a great evening and wonderful weekend !


Lawson's Fried Chicken with Bun

Today I tried Lawson's fried chicken for lunch.... as a part of Convenience Store's fried chicken comparison.

It was pretty good ! I like L-Chicki ( they call it) and the bun. ( You need to buy this bun, which is 50 yen.)

Easy to eat with this bun. The seasoning was good, the meat was tender, juicy.


Scott Frost --- " Never Fear" Detective Story

I finished reading this... a book I got from my friend. It is written in English, yet easy enough to read. There weren't many words that I did not know. Thriller, Fast paced. I think it is also in sequels, so need to read the stories to follow this. The setting is Los Angeles county, which was also nice since I feel familiar. The detective/ protagonist is single working mother/detective. The suspect seems to be her father who left her and her mother when she was five years old......

If you are American or English speaker, you can finish reading it within a day, I think.

Lunch @ Ark Hills Cafe... Chicken Curry and Hamburger

The chicken curry & rice.... my friend ordered. It seems there were several chicken chunks and my friend says she could not finish it.

I ordered this hamburger.... soup, rice is also included ( plus coffee ! ).

East Meets West ..... Breakfast

Bacon and Eggs... sounds familiar.... I tried it on rice.
( Except for October/November.... new rice season, I usually eat brown rice.)

As you can see, bacon & egg on rice and Miso soup for breakfast. The green small side dish is Mekabu with ground ginger. Mekabu is spore of seaweed.... supposed to be nutritious.

I just tried to use something left over in my fridge. Still healthy enough, tasty enough !

Fried Chicken from 7/11 --- Tasty , but bit Greasy...

mmm, Seven-Eleven.. they have other grilled chicken also... so-called Yakitori,but I had to try this fried chicken to compare with others.

It was juicy, tender.... but not crispy. Also, after I had it, I got heart burn..... probably, it was quite greasy.

Tomorrow, I will try Lawson's fried chicken.


Entrance of Toguri Museum of Art --- Shoto, Shibuya

You can get to this museum within 5 min. from Shinsen Station or 10 min. from Shibuya Station.

This is the entrance. Small, cozy and quiet museum, so you can fully enjoy the arts.

The admission was 1,000 yen. Also, in the lobby, you can have tea, coffee. Just put 100 yen into the box there and help yourself.

Toguri Museum of Art --- Shoto, Shibuya Direction III

Keep walking.....

The houses around you are becoming bigger....mansions....

Toguri Museum of Art --- Shoto, Shibuya Direction II

OK, You got off at Shinsen and after exit, took a left.
Kept walking straight, then you hit a road. Look right.... you will see this pharmacy... called Hirata Yakkyoku ( Hirata Pharmacy).
Turn right looking this pharmacy and then take a left... that will be uphill.

Shoto--- One of the Most Prestigious Residential Area in Tokyo

Yes, there are celebrities, expats, all the rich people living there.... the area is small ... behind Tokyu Department Store and near Shinsen Station on Keio-Inokashira Line. ( You can get off at Shibuya also, I just preferred this smaller station since it is more quiet with less people.)

Nice walk, if you would enjoy watching architectures.... there are also nice, cozy cafes, restaurants in this area.

I took Keio-Inokashira line to Shinsen Station and got off there. This photo is near Shinsen Station. Not Shoto area yet. ( Houses are smaller !!)

Toguri Museum of Art --- Shoto, Shibuya

It is too bad that I cannot show you any of the Imari ware I enjoyed at this museum. They are showing nice, beautiful Imari wares ( Japanese Porcelain from Imari/Arita District). The exhibition is available through March 28, so if you have a chance, please enjoy visit them.

There are two periods the exhibition is focusing on.... One is Genroku Era( late 17 th century through early 18th century) and Bunka Bunsei Era( late 18th century through 19th). The merchants became wealthy and dining out became popular and there were more diners than ever in Edo ( Tokyo ) city. Naturally, more table wares were needed and more designs, patterns and tools were created.

Light Dinner with A Friend from U.S.

OK, this is the first time to show my face here. ( You have probably noticed that I disclosed my name a little while ago.)

I felt this blog needs little more personality and from now on, I will show my face and/or friends' face when it was approved.

So, on Saturday, I had this dinner @ Ark Hills Cafe ( it is still new. ). This friend is American Congressman who comes to Japan once in a while.

Due to the change of the government, there were lots to talk about..... It was great to catch up with each other.

This cafe is my latest favorite... Actually I just had lunch with my friend on Friday. They have pasta, sandwich etc.... and entree also. Lunch is good deal.... within 1000 yen, you have several set menu options which include drinks. The above is the dishes I ordered for appetizer and main dish. The top left is mashed potato with cheese and the right is Chinese fried noodle with shrimp and oyster sauce. The cafe is spacious and relaxing.... good to enjoy conversation. It feels like or reminded me some place in NoHo of New York or SoMa of San Francisco.

Ark Hills Cafe:
Open Everyday Sun-Fri: 11:00-23:00

Ark Hills 1-3-40 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Fried Chicken @ Convenience Stores

Fried chicken is getting popular again.
While the all the major convenience stores' sales and/or revenues have dropped, it seems this kind of chicken sold at convenience stores has been well accepted by consumers...the reason is probably the handy size, price ( this was 150 yen) and the quality.. this Family Mart's chicken was tender, juicy andCheck Spelling crispy !

I would like to try all the major convenience stores' chickens and report it here. ( It may sound silly , but this kind of trend is showing an aspect of Japan's current economic trend.)

In my town, there are 6 brands of convenience stores..... Family Mart, Lawson, am/pm, 3F,
7/11, Circle K.... the total number of stores... I am not sure, but over 20 maybe ?

Also, there are more stores selling this kind of finger food..... it is also due to economic downturn... I would analyze.... I bought this fried chicken at Family Mart near Shindaita Station of Keio-Inokashira Line.