Cafe Mamehico in Shibuya

It seems like their main shop is in Sangenjaya.
I have to check that one also.

As you can see in my pics, the decor is not typical Japanese, yet not exactly European or American , but has sort of bit of everything...... relaxing.

Wooden furniture are creating homey ambiance.
Very hard to find actually.

Go to Tokyu Department Store ( main store ) first.
Take the right street from there. Within a minute or two, you will see 7/11 ( you know, the convenience store, seven-eleven ) on your right. Go inside the store and on your left, you will find a door and there is staircase. Take that and go downstairs ( it's not exactly basement. If you come from the next street, that is the 1st floor . So, from this cafe, it looks like 7/11 is located on 2nd floor... )
Anyways, I will write about the food I had there and more about what impressed me.

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