La Bisboccia --- Food is Delicious, Service is Great

This La Bisboccia is the sister restaurant of Il Boccalone of Ebisu, which is little more casual, trattoria.

Usually, I don't go this place without sponsor :-)
Bit pricy, yet it's worthwhile. I wouldn't hesitate to go and choose this place for friends' special occasion, celebrate something etc. For myself, I would feel it is luxury.

Chee and Sachiko chose good selection of food and we were busy talking and asking questions to the bride to be.
Oh, maybe I have mentioned this before, but let me remind you ...having bridal shower is not common in Japan.

Since this friend is American and this group is quite international, we usually do this.... bridal shower, baby shower.... American gathering... It's nice to celebrate friends' happy events in any case.

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