Charity Raffle in Omotesando --- Christmas Items.

I couldn't stay that long, but visited this place " Galeria M" in Omotesando.

My friend was selling some items to help Hands on Tokyo ( Volunteer Group) with other creators.

Since my friend is a food specialist, there were cookies, jams ( sold out ) etc.....

Other people were presenting beautiful bags made of kimono or East meets West style, semi-precious stone- earrings, glove holders.....
It's like tiny - art museum.... drop 500 yen, please for raffle and write your name on the back of the colorful sheet of paper , that money will be sent to the group.

If you are interested, tomorrow is final day.

Galeria M --- The closest exit is A1 of Omotesando Station. Take a first left and go on.
At the Crayon House ( one of my favorite shops --- their basement is organic restaurant, 1F has nice kids books, 3F has well selected books for women.) , take a right. You will see orange-beige buildings and the Galeria M is located on the basement. ( half basement !? )

Toward the end of the year, it gets cold and there are people who need help..... this kind of raffle is nice idea !

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