Bouldering --- @ Gravity Shimokitazawa

I don't think I am going to climb Everest. I enjoy this " bouldering " as handy sports. The gym is located near my place and it's so easy to start. You just need to become a member and the membership fee is 1500 yen. For 2.5 hours ( before 7 p.m. ) 1500 yen and after 7p.m. 1200 yen. Then, you can use their rental shoes, which is 300 yen.

I used to be a member @ sports/ fitness gym, but I couldn't enjoy machines. Also, it was always a pain to carry the whole set of gym stuff such as shoes, bath towel, make ups, t-shirt, pants....

This place is so close, so I can wear something casual and walk over. no need to make a reservation. Easy to start and there are more than 10 levels.... you just choose your level color and follow the sign. Yes, you have to plan how to climb the wall in advance.

It is good EXERCISE. I was sweating and had to rest after 1 trial. Just need to be careful when I jump off the top of the wall. I am looking forward to my next " bouldering".

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