Asian African Language Institute /Library

My friend Hira-chan advised me that there was this seminar by Asia/Africa language specialist and professor Nishie's seminar held @ Asian African Library. It was interesting and educational.

His knowledge about language along with history, geography and ethnic group is wide and deep.

Learned a lot. Today's focus was mainly Pacific region and pidgin , creole language. It sounds/looks like English, yet the spelling and grammar is different.

In Japan, English is becoming mandatory @ elementary school. I agree with him. In Japan, elementary school teachers are not able to speak English. I wonder how they can teach English....
Also, he says there might be discrimination against non-English speakers... like if you cannot speak English, you might be looked down..., which I feel wrong. It is an advantage to speak English.... I feel it is great that I am able to speak English, but it doesn't mean I am superior than other people.... there are many people who are intelligent , yet do not speak English.

Professor Nishie's foresight is truly deep and I respect that.

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