Sweet Potato/ Tofu / Cheese Soup for Breakfast

Thanks for coming back! It's been over a month.
Things have been hectic and apology for no-update.

Although, I hadn't updated, of course, I have been eating ( usually ) 3 times a day or sometimes 5, 6 times a day !! ( When I am busy, I need more energy and tend to eat much.)

This soup was thick and good. I bought Brown's Blender this spring and it has been quite helpful.
Using that, tried this.

half onion ( sliced ) , 1 sweet potato( sliced) , 1 small tofu ( if it is big one, cut in half ) , 1/2 cup of pizza cheese ( or any melting cheese ) , 1 cup of water, soup , soup stock ( powder about 1 tea spoon) , 2 teaspoonful butter

1. Start cooking sliced onion in heated butter / pan.
2. When onion is cooked enough ( when the color changed) , add sliced sweet potato and cook.
3. When the potato is cooked enough ( use toothpick or something and check and see if the stick goes in) , add soup stock and water , then tofu (mash it into the soup) and cheese.
4. Cook 3 for 15 to 20 min. and if they are well cooked and mixed, remove from the heat and let it cool for 5 min. or so.
5. Use blender and make the soup in the pan.

Thick, healthy soup is ready ! Add little salt if you need it. ( Cheese and soup stock already has some salt, so taste it first ! ) Enjoy !