If You have deep fried tofu .... This is one way to eat.

The other day, I found this deep fried tofu in fridge.

There are many ways to eat it, but wanted to try something unusual. ( Usually, I eat it with grated ginger & soy sauce.)

I cooked it in the heated pan without using oil. ( the surface is coated with oil already ) Cook till the surface turns slightly brown.

If it is too big, you can cut into small bite size.

Sprinkled some green onion and put wasabi on top of each. Taste it with soy sauce. Yum ! Good for beer or sake.


Vassmer said...

For some reason, fried food almost always goes well with beer. ;-)

Yasuko Watanabe said...

Thanks for your comment. Very late response. Sorry for this. Yeah, and the thing is fried food or unhealthy food ( such as potato chips --- high carolie food always tastes good or irresistible !