If You couldn't finish sashimi .... You can cook it !

Sorry, probably , it's lighting. The color didn't come out well.

This is today's dinner. I cooked Kushinsai ( actually I don't know English name... in Chinese cooking, you see this often. The inside of the stem is empty. ) with minced garlic and a pinch of salt.

Then this meat like thing is bonito which I couldn't finish eating last night. For sashimi, it was too late to eat, but I decided to cook it. Pour some butter( I used 2 tea spoons) into the pan and add finely chopped garlic into it. When the garlic started smelling, add bonito ( or any ) sashimi left over. Cook well and then add some soy sauce. Smells good ! When the butter soy sauce starts babbling , it 's done. You don't have to give up the sashimi and use it . Just make sure to sniff it and the fish is not spoiled. ( It maybe look old, but usually if it is next day, you can still eat it, if it was sitting in the fridge. )

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