I was going to sleep....

What am I doing ? I was going to sleep.... then I felt hungry, so cooked some minced garlic, bacon and cabbage ( w / salt & pepper) . It was good. Then I wanted to eat something more.... then cut sliced pork into bite size, same for eggplant.... cooked in the pan with miso, mirin ( sweet rice wine ) and some water...... yum..... , but it is almost 3 am.

Something wrong with my stomach.


Carol said...

Is it still hot there? That might be why you had an appetite in the middle of the night, because it was cooler.
It's really hot here the last few days and we hope it cools down soon.

Yasuko Watanabe said...

Thanks Carol,

It IS hot.... over 100 F or 34 - 37 C. I see, probably !
I tend to eat a lot, so didn't think about it.

I can feel that gradually Fall is coming....but still hot.
People seem to be exhausted here since they can't sleep well at night.

( Air conditioner is sometimes too cold and difficult to control. )