Fighting against Heat Wave

This heat is literally killing people in Japan.
Today, 7 people died of heat stroke.

TV news and shows are advising us to drink water with a bit of salt.

The photo is today's dinner. Tuna salad open sandwich and chicken & jews's mallow soup.

Jew's Mallow is supposed to be nutritious.
It has Beta-carotene, calcium, vitamin-B2, vitamin-c etc.

Jew's mallow became available at supermarket.... probably in this 20 years. It is originally from Egypt. It is said that when the king of Egypt became very sick, he ate Jew's mallow and his condition was improved.

-Jew's Mallow Soup
5, 6 stalks of Jew's mallow with leaves. well chopped into gruel.
70 to 80 grams of ground chicken
soup powder to taste ( 1 cube or 1 tea spoon ?) / 500 cc water
1 clove of minced garlic
1 - 2 tea spoon of grape seed oil
1 to 2 tea spoon of salt

1. Heat the deep pan and pour grape seed oil.
Cook garlic until it starts smelling.

2. Add chicken and cook. Then add water and soup powder.
Bring it to boil. Remove scum.

3. Add Jew's mallow into the soup. Keep cooking for another 5 min. or so.
Add salt and taste. Enjoy !
- Tuna Salad Sandwich
For today's version, I didn't use any mayonnaise. You could, if you like.
It was so hot today and my mouth wanted to taste something very simple.

Canned Tuna ( I used only a half can of small size)
1/5 stalk of Celery--- chopped
2/3 Cucumber --- chopped
Black Pepper/ 1 tea spoon of olive oil

1. Prepare bread. ( I didn't even toast it today.)

2. Mix celery, cucumber and tuna well and spread onto the bread.

When you don't have much appetizer, this is a recommendation.


Carol said...

We've just come through some hot weather and we had a lot of tuna salad, salmon salad, chicken salad. Like you said, we just wanted simple cold food too.

Yasuko Watanabe said...

Hi Carol,

It seems this heat is global.

I feel sorry when I see businessmen who are wearing neck-ties ! This is the moment, I feel I am lucky being a woman.