102 F or 36 C degrees.. body temperature is the air temperature.

This week , it has been really humid and hot.
Today's high was 36 degrees.... some media said the highest in my area was 37 degrees.... higher than my body temperature !!! How you could say I could walk in this heat !? Yes, I did had meetings and went out. ( It felt like I was sitting in sauna for a while..... I don't have to go sauna. Thanks to the heat !?)

Many people around me are complaining or depressed from this weather.

When the weather is like this, you would lose your appetite. ( In my case, it doesn't really apply. Yes, my portion became smaller than usual and my taste is now simpler ,but I need to eat to keep my power.)

The photo is Korean noodle. Reimen.... according to the package , it has wheat flour, buckwheat flour and some others. Cook only 50 seconds in boiled water and then drain and wash in cold water. I added some ice, spicy soup ( often enclosed in the package or you can buy separately) , sliced cucumber and grilled pork and some cherries.

When it go through the throat, smooth texture soothes Summer heat. It is spicy , so sweet cherry was like a refresher of the palate. It is Korean. They use apple, pear for cooking.

Korea has some tension at the moment. In Japan, the criminal who bombed passenger plane / former North Korean agent visited and met those whose children were abducted and it was big news for the past two days..... I wonder if she eats similar cold noodles in South Korea now.

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