World Cup E Group / Japan has to win Denmark Game

The effect of world cup is huge. With this sluggish business, Japanese people are depressed... then Japan' national team won the first game at this World Cup. Sports news were showing the goal scene repeatedly and people looked so happy when interviewed on streets... comments were like " Yes, I was able to work with energy today ! Feels so good ! " ( I felt sympathy for this middle aged man 'cause usually he probably doesn't have much energy and business is tough and he doesn't feel so good....:)

People didn't expect much this time. However, Japan won, so it made people so happy.

Unfortunately, Japan couldn't win against Netherlands. Their ball possession was pretty long.
Their ranking is much higher, so I think Japan did well. Although Japan couldn't win, I saw their passion and Japanese players do shoot now. ( They used to be afraid of shooting before. ) So, it was nice to see. Okubo was good. I didn't think he was good player, but now my opinion is different. mmm.

In any case, I retrieved my condition. Probably little more sleep is needed, but feeling better now. ( Since Tuesday, I had not slept really. )

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