Soy Sauce Omelet Rice ( In Japanese Omurice)

Well, well, well. Already there are 50 pics or more waiting to be shown. Little by little.

I can write some tonight since I need to make some phone calls to Los Angeles tonight and need to wait till 2 a.m. or 3 p.m.

Lately, I often make this with several different variations.

The veggie, chicken breast and soy sauce flavored rice is sitting under omelet.

Usually, I make Western style.... regular omelet, but this one also tastes good. Arranged from Hanamaru Recipe. ( The morning TV show.)

chicken breast ( about 50 grams), asparagus ( 2 stalks ) or some green veggie.
2 eggs, soy sauce, some carrot ( I used 1/3 carrot), soup powder ( I used maggie's cube/ 1 cube) , half onion, 1 spoonful sake or white wine, grape seed oil or olive oil, salt, soy sauce,
mayonnaise, shichimi togarashi ( if you have Japanese shichimi chili pepper. if you don't you can probably use cayenne pepper or red chili pepper sauce or something like that)
steamed white rice ( about 1 small bowl or up to your taste)

1. Cut all the veggies and chicken breast into small pieces. ( the size is up to you. I cut into 1 cm)

2. Prepare frying pan with high heat. Start cooking chicken and add carrot, onion and then asparagus. Don't over cook to enjoy the veggie texture.

3. Add soup powder ( if it is powder, I would say about 1 to 2 tea spoons.) or 1 cube of maggie's soup stock. Add sake or white wine, and then add rice. Avoid cold rice. I microwaved it.

4. Add salt and 1 tea spoonful soy sauce and stir well. Clean the pan for eggs.

5. Now beat eggs. ( You don't have to beat completely.) Heat the pan and add oil.

6. Wait till the pan gets hot enough and then add eggs. Stir the eggs for 5 seconds.

7. Put the chicken and veggie rice in to the plate. Place the cooked eggs ( omelet) on the rice.

8. Put mayonnaise and shichimi pepper or hot chili , several drops of soy sauce and if you have parsley or dried parsley flakes , add that also on the eggs.

The omelet is fluffy and unusual Japanese flavored combination with rice tastes so good.
Enjoy !

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