Piggy Meat Bun

Oh, I was going to write about sit-down comedy night, but then realized that I haven't written about this event. Thanks for your patience.

This was funny. It was tasty meat bun ,but look at this faces.

This is also from the event to promote Southern Kyushu area. There were tags in front of each food and I think the tag for this was saying " the black color is from bamboo charcoal.

Bamboo charcoal is used for various purposes.

This one probably used powdered one. The nutrition includes calcium, mineral, magnesium etc.

If you put bamboo charcoal ( usually it has bamboo shape) in your room or bathroom, it is supposed to absorb odor and clean the air. If you put into the rice cooker when you cook the rice, it is said that the rice will taste better. Also, you can use bamboo charcoal to make better , clean , tasty water.......

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